Saturday, August 31, 2013

Summer Sadness

Wow another month come and gone. I'm one of those people who live for the summer. Flip flops, suntans, and fresh veggies. I love the longer days and the warmth of the sun on my face. I hate to see it end. I just want soak up all the summer I can before it's gone for another year. Fall will be here before we know it. I love the colors and pumpkins. I went today by the Yankee store and stocked up on some fall tarts and a new candle. I could buy one of everything. I just love candles. It's one thing you can never have too many put aside. 

I am still in dilemma about decorating my living room. My poor denim furniture just sits. I really think it's just this house. Jessica thinks it's because Ray and I had so many plans and did so much before we moved in. Ray painted the whole house and we cleaned up the yard. We have a nice shed in the back. We were going to decorate it with a huge barn star and an old sign Ray brought home. We never got the chance to finish making it ours. So I'm just indecisively at this time what look  am really going for at this time. I did get a message on FB from my old neighbor. The house next to her is going to be for rent sometime in the next month or so. Then today Jessica and I were getting pedicures and another of my old neighbors came in. She was like did you hear the house is coming up for rent. She said I already told the owners to contact you. The owners are my old landlords. This house is across the street from my old house. So it's kind of like going home but to another house. I would love to get this house it has a long country porch and a screened in back porch. Not to mention it has more room and less yard. I do not like yard work anymore. So my plans are to go by and visit my old landlords. Please wish me luck that this will work out. I miss my old neighbors so much. They were like family!

My new position at work is going very well. I just love my manager and co workers. I am learning all about medical claims and reprocessing them. It's definitely a good thing to add to my resume. I don't plan on going anywhere it's over all a good company. Oh and not to mention my insurance is good and so affordable. I still have both my girls on my plan. There's no way they could get insurance as cheap as what I pay. I'd rather they be covered than not have any insurance at all. Well, I guess that's enough rambling. I will post again soon. Hopefully I will have some more good news to share!