Saturday, February 15, 2014

Updates and Changes

Hello everyone! I know I have not been a good blogger at all. My daughter gave me a I-Pad for Christmas and I love it! I was using her old lap top and it was just all used up. It wouldn't let me type anymore. I was basically using it to play Candy Crush and Pet Saga. Occasionally it would let me look at Pinterest. Now I have no excuses. :)

We finally moved November 2nd! Things didn't quite go as plannned. The people who lived her before us left the place in awful shape. If I didn't have to be out my other house on the 4th I may have waited until it was cleaned up a bit. The people never put a filter in which meant black dust all over the walls. The vent covers were so black they couldn't be cleaned they all had to be replaced. The holidays were coming and this just made me depressed. I left a completely spotless house for this mess. We all pitched in and cleaned and painted. What a huge difference paint and a little elbow grease can make in a home. The landlords were here everyday fixing holes that were left a leak in the roof. It was just awful but it's coming together. As soon as I get it done I will show pictures. We still have a little work to do....I can tell you I went from a 3 bedroom 1 1/2 bath to 4 bedrooms 2 full baths. This house also has a dining room living room and den. I have a long covered porch in the front and a screened in porch in the back. We feel like we won the lottery with all this space.

The holidays came and went and Christmas ended up being very nice. The new year came and I ended up sick. I missed work for 4 days. I had the worst sinus infection and my faced swelled up and was red like a tomato. The antibiotics were not working so they also called in a steroid pack. Finally some sinus pressure relief. While I was home I noticed Ms Pretty our cat was acting different. Saturday she seemed worse but she was eating drinking and loving all over me. Sunday she came running when she heard me and she was swaying. From there it got worse. She was so pitiful. Monday when the vet opened I called and let them know I was bringing her in. I knew it was her time and I loved her too much to watch her suffer. It broke my heart to let her go but it wasn't fair to sit there and watch her in so much pain. She was a great pet for 13 yrs she was almost 14. Then after that I get a letter telling me I am on call for Jury duty. I hate to think I will get picked and this is for Federal Cases. So far I have not been called to come in . So I figure that's my 3 things and I'm done

I have been trying to catch up on everyone's blogs. I have missed reading how you all are doing. Take care and I promise to post again soon!