Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hello Everyone

I have been home the past two days. I haven't been feeling well. I thought I would catcch up on the blogs. I am a little confused some blogs that I have followed for awhile now I can not access. Is there a new way to log in to the blogs? .... Well here is what's new with me. I hit a decorating wall. I can not decide what is the right look for me. I have went back and forth on what I really like so I am concentrating on my love of beach cottages. I am very happy with my dinig room thanks to some pinterest ideas. The livng room is coming togeather still in the works. I have a very small kithen with litte storage. I had to purchase 2 white storage cabinets to help with storage. There not all that pretty but they serve the purpose. I'm still looking for inspiration. Then maybe then I can share some pictures. The house has some dated areas. I am trying to work around those issues. The bathroom has the ugliest blue tub, toilet, and sinks. Then you add a blue floor and blue tile. It's not a pretty blue so I am trying to brighten it up. It should look better after it's painted a bright clean white with a bright shower curtain and rugs. My bedroom a work in progress also. i want a new bedroom suite. I love what I have but it's the bed Ray and I shared for many years. I just want to get something different. Actually I just want my old life back but I know that's impossible. Change like this has not been easy. You have your life planned and then all of a sudden you hit a bump and everything changes. I'm still trying to figure out my new life plan. Once again more changes. I have been blessed to have good friends and blog friends who have helped me through it all. I never knew starting a blog could also be theraphy but it has been. Thank you all who have stood by my side.