Monday, October 12, 2009

Great Weekend

Seems like forever since I have posted. I felt like my blog was becoming too sad and decided to not post unless I have something happy to share. This past weekend I went back to my friends Teresa's house on the river. The weather was perfect and the view from her picture window is to die for! We did some serious scrap booking this weekend. I completed 29 pages and have almost finished 2007. LOL! I'm still behind a year and some but that's ok I'm getting there. We ate home made soup and scraped away. It's so nice just getting away and leaving the stress behind even if it's just for a weekend.
This is what you see when you look out Teresa's picture window.  
This is the ping pong table we scrap book on. It's covered with scrap book stuff from top to bottom. This is Teresa and Robin taking a break.  We had a great weekend and will be going back again next month. Maybe then I can finish 07! :)
Well, here is an update on things. We are still at my Mom's which has been way too long for us and her! Still no word on Ray's SS. We are trying to hang in there and pray everyday things get better and we can move. Thanks too all of you who have stuck by me and to those who have started following my blog. I try to stop and read your blogs and comment when I can. I have been blessed with so many great blog buddies!