Saturday, April 14, 2012

Just Another Day at Work...

 As many know I have been house hunting and job hunting. No luck on the house situation YET! I have been applying for internal jobs at my company. My application is always put through and I usually get an interview. Usually I am beat out by someone with who has attended college. I hope all young people realize how much that is needed these days. Anyway I still have 2 applications out and my application is under review. So maybe just maybe I will get lucky with one of them. I have been in my current position 3 years this June. Some days ca be very stressful but over all it's okay. The one issue I have is the pay. After they take out for insurance I don't have a lot to bring home. Never the less I am thankful to have a job. Going down to one income is a huge transition. My girls will be moving out and I want to know I can take care of ME! So like I said maybe a new position and more pay. :)

My company has a program they call Mission Memories. it's about how we have went out of our way to help a member.
I work in a call center for a Medicaid HMO. It's amazing how we give some people everything and it's still not enough. Then there are some who can't thank you enough. I take pride in each and everyone of my calls. I answer the call and treat everyone the same. Some callers are not as grateful then there are the calls you will never forget. This week I submitted my Mission Memory. Immediately it was accepted. I was asked to read mine at the staff meeting. I was so nervous. I thought my knees were going to buckle and it felt like I spoke to fast none the less I survived. I'd like to share that story with you.

A few weeks ago I had a member call. I noticed right away that she spoke very softly and slowly. She needed me to fax over her contract so the doctor’s office so they would see her. She also needed to schedule transportation, and became upset because she didn't have all the information.
I asked her for the doctor’s number and I called to get the address, then scheduled her transportation and answered a few questions she had about Virginia Premier.
When the call was about to end, I asked if she needed anything else and she began to cry. She said “these are happy tears”. She thanked me several times for taking the time to help her and for being so patient.
She then said “I have MS and sometimes people rush me and treat me like I'm stupid.” She thanked me again for helping her.

This is one call I will never forget. She put tears in my eyes and made me feel so good about what I do. After the meeting I received instant messages, emails, phone calls and people stopping me to tell what a great job I did. Our staff meetings include everyone in the Richmond office. We have other locations as well. I was told the Vice President over my department read my story in the Tide Water location. As I said I try to start every call the same so it was just a normal day for me but it was nice to share the story with others in the company.