Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hello All

Wow it's been forever since I last posted. I don't get to read and post like I used to but I try to stop in when I can. Since my last post I have been back to the river and I finished my scrapbook for 2007. I was determined to finish and let me tell you lack of sleep this past weekend has gotten the best of me BUT I finished. Now to catch up and do 2008 and 2009.

I can't believe it's been 6 months since we had to move into my Mom's. Can I say I am thankful and grateful but it's been a long 6 months. I keep hoping and praying that we can still move before the holidays not sure I can pull it off but we are still praying. Still no word on Ray's SS. All they say when he calls or goes in person is it is still pending.

I have been on my job now almost 5 months and I never thought I would make it. I still don't like my job but I am just thankful to have one. I am hoping when my six months comes around I can post out into another department. Which will mean no phones hopefully and more money!

Several have asked about Eleni. She is doing as well as to be expected for a 16 year old. She has her days where she knows there is a light at the end of the tunnel. She has managed to keep her grades up and goes to school everyday. It's very hard for her she misses her room and her things. I am blessed to have such great understanding girls.

I am looking forward to seeing upcoming Christmas pictures of every one's home.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Great Weekend

Seems like forever since I have posted. I felt like my blog was becoming too sad and decided to not post unless I have something happy to share. This past weekend I went back to my friends Teresa's house on the river. The weather was perfect and the view from her picture window is to die for! We did some serious scrap booking this weekend. I completed 29 pages and have almost finished 2007. LOL! I'm still behind a year and some but that's ok I'm getting there. We ate home made soup and scraped away. It's so nice just getting away and leaving the stress behind even if it's just for a weekend.
This is what you see when you look out Teresa's picture window.  
This is the ping pong table we scrap book on. It's covered with scrap book stuff from top to bottom. This is Teresa and Robin taking a break.  We had a great weekend and will be going back again next month. Maybe then I can finish 07! :)
Well, here is an update on things. We are still at my Mom's which has been way too long for us and her! Still no word on Ray's SS. We are trying to hang in there and pray everyday things get better and we can move. Thanks too all of you who have stuck by me and to those who have started following my blog. I try to stop and read your blogs and comment when I can. I have been blessed with so many great blog buddies!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Fall to All

Wish I had some pictures to share but I didn't take a camera with me this past weekend.  My dear friend Teresa emailed me about a week ago and invited me to her river house this past weekend. Teresa was having her Mom and the Red Hat Ladies down for a mini retreat and she invited her sister Gwen and I to come and help out. When I got there Friday they had already eaten but I did make it in time to help clean up. Then afterwards we sat outside by the fire.  There were 8 Red Hat Ladies and then Teresa and I there for the night. The weather was gorgeous! We slept with doors and windows opened as the breeze off the river knocked us all out. Most of the ladies were up very early to watch the sun rise over the river. I chose to skip this part. :) They had a quick bite of breakfast and they were off to Smithfield for lunch. The Red Hat Ladies were so sweet and such a delight to meet. It was an honor to have met each and everyone of them.

Saturday after the ladies left Teresa and I sat around and just relaxed awhile. It was so nice and once again the weather was to die for! You could just smell Fall in the air. Then later in the day we finally pulled out the scrapbook stuff. We didn't get a lot done because we were just enjoying the peaceful relaxing environment. It's definitely a great place to just get away if even for a day! We are supposed to get together again in 2 weeks. I have my finger and toes crossed I love it there and ALWAYS enjoy the company of Teresa and Gwen! There is nothing better than spending time with good friends!

My weekend was so relaxing. I think it was something I not only wanted to do but needed to do! I have been very stressed and tensed lately by the time Saturday came around I felt like my old self again. Teresa will never know how much that invitation meant to me!

Just a little update which really isn't one. Still no word on Ray's disability. I told him even if he doesn't get it I still would rather he not work. I know we need the money but I also know a full time job takes a lot out of him and I'd like to keep him around for awhile. I'm still hanging in there with my job. I don't like it but it's a job and sometimes you just have to do things you don't like to do. I have put the word out there that I am looking and have friends looking out for me. I'm just going to stay focused on the light at the end of the tunnel. I am so hoping we have our own place before the holidays. I guess that about sums it up for now. I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful Fall weather.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hello Everyone

Seems as if I post less and less. I still try to read every ones posts and comment when I can. I can't believe the summer is gone and fall is fast approaching. I can only hope the new season will bring great things to me and my family. I am looking forward to the day I can post on here I am moving. I miss decorating and even cleaning. 

Eleni is doing better since school started. She still misses her own space and most of all her music. She has definitely been a great trooper through all of this and has made me proud. Jessica is also with us and been great as well. She is working more hours and helping us as well. I have been blessed with 2 wonderful beautiful girls!

You know I love all the pictures everyone posts but I am also loving the recipes. Thanks so much ladies sometimes I get tired of the same old same old. My goal is to learn how to make home made spaghetti sauce and stuffed cabbage. Please share any recipes you may have. Once again thanks to all who stop by your comments go further than you could ever imagine.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hello Again...

I haven't posted in awhile mostly because I don't have any good news or bad news to share. It's been 4 months and we are still at my Mom's. When we moved in we thought it was going to be for just a few weeks. I had no idea those weeks would now be months. I tell myself everyday we are blessed to have a roof over our heads, food in our belly's and most of all Ray's medicine. We are lucky to have what we have when so many have nothing. I know I am appreciating the simple things in life that I once took for granted. 

Eleni has been a real trooper through all of this until the other day. She finally had her breakdown and the tears flowed. She said she just missed having her own room and her stuff. I held back the tears and looked over at Ray and could see he was also holding his back. I think that's the hardest part about all of this is seeing her so sad. I tell her what I tell myself everyday in time we will have our own place again.


Thanks to all of you who stop by and read my blog. You will never know how much your comments and even personal emails mean. Some days those kind words go further than you think. :) I hope you all had another blessed weekend.



Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Many Colors of Eleni

A lot of you out there have daughters do they feel the need to change there hair all of the time? Eleni asked me at the beginning of the summer could she get high lights. I told her when I had the extra money. She looks really good with them. She spent the night with a friend and called home and asked could the friends Mom put in the high lights. I thought about it and said sure. Well, they were not high lights it was straight color. Needless to say Eleni and her friend actually did one anothers hair. Eleni put a blond on her brown hair and ended up with a strawberry blond colored hair. It was so not her. When enough time passed she asked could she color it back brown. I was more than happy to help her. Unfortunately the light brown really took to her hair and made it a dark brown. I actually think I like it better dark. This is the many faces or colors should I put it of Eleni.

Eleni and her natural color hair.

Eleni with her strawberry blond hair.

Eleni after we dyed her hair. So which color do you like it?


I didn't have a lot to write about this week. Life is the same basically. We are trying to learn to take things one day at a time. I still have my job which I'm not crazy about but I am very lucky to have one. So many people are losing so much due to the economy. They say things are getting better but I have yet to really see it. I think it's going to take this Country a long time to recover from all of this. If you didn't see Tammy's post Friday over at Country Girl at Home  then you should check it out. Even if you don't agree with her you have to give her credit for standing by her beliefs! Tammy is a real person and she doesn't change for anyone. Thank God we live in a Country where we can be and believe what we want.


I hope everyone had a great weekend. It's been really hot here in Virginia. 


Monday, August 3, 2009

What a Wonderful Surprise

 My job ca be stressful especially with everything else going on. Last week I was having an awful day at work and 5 o'clock could not get here fast enough. I just wanted to come home and go to bed. I came home and on my bed was a package. Linda from Behind My Red Door sent me a wonderful surprise. My eyes filled with tears and heart filled with joy. I soon forgot how bad my day had been and I was smiling from ear to ear. Thanks so much Linda you are the best! They look even better in person.

Sorry for such a short post but I don't have a lot to write about this week.


Monday, July 27, 2009


I seem to be sticking to the once a week post. The main reason is because I don't have a lot to share. It's been 3 long months and we are still here at my Mom's. I had no idea we would ever be here this long. I'm starting to worry we may never get out. I know we will but it's taking a lot longer than I thought. I just don't make enough to take on rent and utilities along with our other bills. So once again I am learning a lot of patience.


I did however finish my re dos. I really enjoy going to the GW and TS. I am having so much fun hunting for that perfect item and for the right price. I am happy to say everything I have bought has cost me less than $20. The sad part is now I have to put them in storage. I can't really buy too much because I don't have any room left in my storage and my Mom's house is already packed.

I decided to paint the sconces black along with the shelf. You really can't tell where I distressed things in the pictures. The old wooden spoons I stained to make them look aged. I love the cutting board.

I can't wait to use this little tote. I love it. This cutting board and bowl also turned out just the way I wanted. I can't wait to use this bowl!

My goal was to cover the heart with a star but I couldn't find one that could do the job. I may just have to live with it. This cutting board looks the best as far as looking old. It showed every mark ever made on it. The jars well I found the big one and had to have it. I want to display our collection of golf balls in it. I seen this idea in the last CS issue except they had a much larger jar filled with baseballs. Every since then I have been looking for a jar. When we went to another TS there was a smaller one just like it so of course I had to have it also. I painted the lids black. The pink you are seeing is the rubber rings.

These are my latest finds. All they needed was washing. The blue jar has an eagle on the front and the 1776 -1976 logo on it. Not sure if either jar is old but I still love them. The crock I think used to have a candle in it. I bought it mostly because I loved the color.


Last but not least. Ray found this sign. It was hard to get a picture because it's so big. I think there was another part but I am happy with just part of this warehouse sign. I hope my new house is big enough for all my new goodies and such a huge sign.


Well, that's it for this past week. I hope everyone had a great weekend and I will most likely see you next week. Thanks for all of your kind comments and for always inspiring me.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Who's to Say?

If you choose to be a stay at home Mom why can't you put that on your resume? Seems unfair that all that experience you get being home raising your children day in and day out can't be put on a resume. When I was job searching my resume really didn't stand out. I didn't have a degree or years of work history. I was a stay at home Mom for many years and when my children were grown I started seriously thinking about the next step in my life. I started volunteering at Eleni's  elementary school and I loved it. I did this for a couple of years and then I started volunteering more often in hopes it would lead to a job. Before that happened I was offered my last job at Wachovia. I was torn at first and some days regret my decision because I loved the school so much. When it came time to do my resume none of that mattered. So my question is who's to say I can't do the same job as someone who has worked all their life. I have seen a lot of great people over looked because they just weren't given a chance.

Many have asked how I like my job. Well, all I can say is I am thankful I have a job. Today's job market is so tough that when your resume just doesn't pop then you are sometimes forced to do things you don't like. I will try to learn as much as I can and hopefully it will eventually lead to something I really like. My philosophy now is "IT IS WHAT IT IS!" 

Still no word on Ray's SS. They did call to verify they had the right address so I am hoping that means we will hear something soon.


I have been trying to keep my mind busy lately. I would really like to scrap book but their isn't any room here for all my stuff and I can't find anyone who would like to get together and scrap book. So I had to find something else to do. So what does every prim woman like to do? You got it go to the GW and TS. I have been going on Saturdays looking for some things to redo. I have bought a few things but now I need to finish them. I have them painted and now I need to prim them up. Here are my latest purchases. My next post I hope to have completed pictures.


Thursday, July 9, 2009


I can't believe my baby is 16. Today Eleni turned sweet 16. It seems like yesterday she was this beautiful little baby girl with blond fuzz and a perfectly round head. She was tiny forever and then she started to grow and she was a baby no more. I miss those innocent little girl ways but I am also very proud of the young woman she is becoming! Although she didn't get her real birthday wish I think over all she enjoyed her day.

Eleni loves Miley Cyrus. She is a huge fan so when it came time to get a cake we couldn't resist the Hannah Montana Cake. Thanks to Big Sis Jessica who went and got Eleni's cake while I was at work.

They grow up so fast.


In my last post I said how much I love summer. BUT I am so loving the Fall crafts everyone is sharing. When I do move I am going to have so many new ideas thanks ladies! :) I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed weekend.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sweet Summer Time

I have to admit I love summer. I laugh when I see the count down to fall over on Linda's blog (Behind My Red Door). I am the opposite it makes me sad because I love summer and all that goes with it. Yes, that means even the heat! Plus I am a huge fan of the 4th. I love all the fire works, cook outs and togetherness that is associated with the 4th. In the past I always had the huge 4th bash. We always had the pool ready and the fire works popping. Things are really different for us this year. Jessica had to work and Ray, Eleni and I went walking around the mall and stores. There was no cook out just an early dinner at Arby's. It was a little sad because it seemed everyone had plans but us. I guess there is always next year! :)

As you know last week was my birthday and a good one it was not. My friend Donna took me to lunch but I felt so rushed. Then work really stressed me out that day. I came home curled up in the bed and cried myself to sleep. It was probably the worst birthday I can remember. I think the stress of work and not having my own home just all got to me and I had to let it out. I did return back to work on Monday. It's getting easier but it's still a lot to remember and learn. I'm just doing the best I can. On a good note should something happen and I lose my job again I will have a lot to add to my resume. :)

You know there is nothing greater than coming home and having a package waiting for you. I came home Tuesday and I had a package from Tammy(Country Girl At Home) and  her daughter Joy (Doodlebug). They sent me the cutest stitchery with the greatest saying. I have to add Tammy has been such a great friend to me through all of this. She emails me often and always lets me vent. I so appreciate her friendship! She has been my angel and the stitchery she sent me describes what her friendship has meant to me! They also included the cutest prim card. I love it! Thanks again Tammy and Joy!

It says Friends are Angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly. Thanks Tammy for always helping me back up on my feet. :)

Here is an update on Ray. He went to the cardioligist this past Monday. They said to give them the name of who is in charge of his SS claim so they can help rush it along. That was great news. Then they informed him that after his stroke in 07 when they did a doppler of his neck it showed some blockage on one side of his neck but it wasn't too serious. They are ordering another doppler to check the status of that blockage and to see if there is any blockages on the other side of his neck. They also said the test he did in May on his legs showed some blockages as well. They are not too serious but they told Ray to avoid long walks or being on his legs for long periods of time. I think Ray is going to have to take it easy and do what he is told or things could get much worse. I just hope that SS kicks in soon so we can get back on our feet. 

Well, I think that's all of the updates I have to share. I so enjoyed everyones Americana decor  for the 4th. I hope you all had a great holiday and made a lot of new memories.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

2 Months

Well, it's been 2 months now and I'm really missing my own place. As I have said before you never know how much you miss something until it's gone. What do I miss the most my own quiet place. There is nowhere to go here and just enjoy a quiet moment. Even if you go to the bathroom you can bet someone is going to need in. :) 

Work is going ok. Wow, so much too learn. I work for a great company called VA Premier. We are a HMO for Medicaid. I am on the phone for 8 hours a day verifying information for the providers or helping the members with pcp changes etc.. The first few days were awful. I absolutely hated it and almost wanted to cry a few times BUT I knew no matter what I would not quit. Well, long story short the person training me was ok but made me very uncomfortable. They were out today and someone else sat in with me today and what a difference a trainer can make. My nerves were calmer and I actually had a much better day. I think once I get everything down I will feel better. 

Tomorrow I will be another year older. I think back to where I was a year ago and wonder where will I be a year from now. I can only hope and pray things just get better from here on and that my birthday is just the beginning. I'm definetly learning to be more patient. I will say these past few months have really changed me and my whole family. We have learned to be more thankful for what we have and know we can live without a lot of our wants. Now I will focus on what's yet to come. Thanks again for always including me and my family in your prayers. 


Friday, June 19, 2009

Hello Everyone

I feel like I haven't left a post in forever. Thanks to everyone for all the best wishes on my new job. I feel very blessed to have a job especially in this economy but I was really blessed to get a job with such a great company. I feel a little overwhelmed right now there is so much to learn. It's a very fast paced environment. I just hope I catch on quick and my typing skills improve. I'm sure I will be ok once I get the hang of everything. 

Well, still no word on Ray's SS. I have heard these things can take awhile but once again I don't have a lot of patience. I'm hoping they will reinstate him. If that all falls into place then maybe we can get us another place. We had to go by our storage shed yesterday to get me some more clothes and shoes for work. I actually got a little teary eyed. I miss my stuff so much. That may sound a little odd but to see everything you own boxed up is really heart wrenching. I know that God has a plan and I need to be patient. 

I have so enjoyed seeing everyone's Americana decor. I am so jealous and impressed at what you all do with those little flags. I'm getting so many great ideas so keep them coming! I am still trying to read your blogs and I hope to post more often.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to me Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to me Happy Birthday! Can you hear me singing? Can you see me smiling? I got it yes I got the Job!!!! I got the call today and I start next Tuesday. I am so excited I got a job and it is Monday-Friday with great benefits and the pay is not to bad either. 

Thanks to all of you for sticking by me. I started this blog after I lost my job last year. I never knew I would be so blessed with so many new friends. If it weren't for your kind words and your own blogs I think I would have lost my mind some days. I may not be able to post or comment daily like I have been but I will definitely be checking in from time to time. You know how it is once an addict always an addict.

Tomorrow we are driving Jessica's car to Greensboro NC. She won VIP tickets to see Taylor Swift she is taking her sister with her to the concert. Jessica was getting a hotel room because she didn't want to drive back to VA after the concert. She talked her Dad into driving her car and we will just hang out at the hotel while they are at the concert. If anyone knows of any great shops in that area please share. It will be nice to do some window shopping.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeve

I wish for once I could post some good news or just some happy thoughts. Seems lately I have been wearing my heart on my sleeve. I feel myself getting angered by things that usually wouldn't bother me. Seems like the support I had from friends is slowly fading away. I feel really alone as if I'm a stranger on the outside looking in. It's been a stressful time with all the life changes but then there are the everyday life issues we have to deal with as well.

I have been really worried about Eleni doing well on exams and SOL's. She has 3 exams left but I'm happy to report she will pass everything for the year. Which is a big deal considering Science and History have been really tough for her. This time of year is also a reminder of my Nanny passing away on the 10th which has left me really emotional lately. Although it will be 2 years I still miss her and I would give anything to just see her one more time. Watching her take that last breath is something I will never forget.

Summer is usually my favorite season. I love the hot weather and longer days. If I was ever feeling down I would usually go outside and escape by my pool. I would spend every spare moment by that pool. It was like my own little vacation spot most of the time. I am missing that pool more than I ever imagined. 

I guess I just don't know where I fit in anymore. I feel like I am lost and can't find my way home. I was praying for guidance but now I pray for patience. Still no word on the job or Ray's SS. It's just getting harder as each day passes. I mentioned that I really wanted a job for my birthday. Eleni's birthday is in July and she told me all she wants is a house for her birthday. I sure hope one of us gets our wish.

Sunday I watched Marley and Me. Great movie but a real tear jerker. I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Good Will and June Birthdays

I finally found something at the GW. Our prices here are not as good but for $3.50 I am pleased. I think I will just stain the cutting board a little darker. I'm not crazy about the hole in it so if you have any suggestions. :) The bowl I think I will paint. I was thinking a blue or mustard what color yellow do you use? I originally thought a red and stained but I want to put it on top of the red table bench Tammy sent me so I want it to stand out. Once again opened to suggestions. :)
Still no word on the job. They said it could take up to 2 weeks. I'm not very good at waiting. In my last post I mentioned that a job is what I want for my birthday. A lot of you have birthday's in June. Mine is the 26th when is yours?
On that note I wanted to mention my friend Donna. She was the one who got me the interview. Anyway her birthday is the 6th so I wanted to wish her a very Happy Birthday. Can you believe it she's 29 again. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Well, I had my interview yesterday. WOW they drilled me or so it seemed. My interview was with a group of 3 people and about 12 questions. With each question you also had to give an example. I think I did fairly well and I made sure to follow up with a thank you email. My old boss/friend Donna got me me the interview and she was asked about me after the interview she really spoke highly of me. I am so thankful to have a friend like her. Now it's a waiting game. They are still interviewing so it may be two weeks before I hear back from them. Until then life goes on and I am still looking and putting in applications. Thank you all for your support. I will keep you posted. My birthday is this month and all I want is a job. I know once I get a job the rest will fall into place. 


Saturday, May 30, 2009


I wanted to start my post today with a huge THANK-YOU. You are all so wonderful. I love reading every ones blogs and looking at your decorating pictures. BUT I have to admit it's the kind comments you all leave me that are helping me through this difficult time. Your comments make me smile and also put tears in my eyes. Who knew strangers could be nicer than your own family and friends. I have been so blessed to have gotten to know each and every one of you. I have a bit of good news to share today. Monday at 3pm I have an interview. It may be just part time but the pay is good and it would be great just to get my foot in the door. So please if you have time will you please include me in your prayers.

We still haven't heard anything about the test they ran on Ray's legs. I am assuming if they had found anything we would have heard by now. Jessica is almost chigger free and Abby is getting better each day. Eleni is just anxiously waiting for school to end. Just two weeks left!

It's funny no matter what you may be going through life goes on. 

Oh one last thing I am so loving all the Americana decor pictures.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

1 Month

Hello everyone. It seems like I haven't blogged in a month. Speaking of a month it has now been a month since we have moved into my Mom's. Just let me say you don't realize what you have until it's gone. I am trying very hard to keep a positive outlook but it gets harder as each day passes.

Last Friday Ray went for the ultra sound on his legs. They didn't tell us anything except they would pass the test results on to his doctor. We still haven't heard from them so I am hoping no news is good news. I will keep you posted as we get more information.

We decided to go to SC and visit Ray's brother and his family over the holiday weekend. It was an ok trip for me. I think I think too much about things and it's hard to relax and really enjoy myself. Ray and the girls had a good time. Poor Abby got fleas while we were there and they have tore her skin up. As soon as we got back to VA we went to the vet and got her something for the fleas. I'm not sure if it was just fleas because she has dug and scratched until her skin is raw and bleeding. If it doesn't get better by tomorrow night I'm taking her to the vet Friday. Jessica said the mosquitoes were eating her up. Yesterday she said those mosquitoes bit me through my clothes all over. Well, after a closer look it wasn't mosquitoes she has chiggers. I don't know who's scratching more Jessica or Abby.

We left SC Tuesday morning about 6AM. I guess about an hour and a half into our journey home it started to rain. The girls had fallen asleep in the back seat and Ray and I were just talking. There wasn't a lot of traffic but as we were driving a white mini van went by us in the passing lane. In a matter of seconds that van was spinning all around right in front of us and headed straight for us then it flew across our lane off the road into a wooded area. Ray pulled over to check on them and we called 911. I am happy to say other than being really shook up a young couple climbed out of the van and seemed to be ok. By now the rain was really coming down and while we were making sure this couple was ok  right before our eyes another car did the exact same thing just a few feet ahead of us except they went off the road into the woods on the other side of the street. Ok if that wasn't enough a third car hit that same spot and did the same thing but came across and into the woods on the side of the road we were on. I was shaking and could not believe what I was seeing. It was obvious we were in a bad spot so we decided to leave. I felt so bad because we had to leave but I couldn't put my own children at risk. I told Ray we were so blessed because that could have easily been us. I couldn't believe the amount of people who passed us and NO ONE stopped but us to offer help. I just hope and pray that no one else was hurt that day. I don't know if there was something on the road or if they hydro planed but it was like watching a movie. I have never seen anything like that in my life all 3 within in minutes. I had a hard time going to sleep last night I kept seeing those cars over and over every time I closed my eyes. I just kept thinking how lucky we were to arrive home safely!

I hope everyone enjoyed there holiday weekend. I am so happy Summer is here.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Is it really May?

The weather here is so cool and windy it feels more like March. It's beautiful outside just a little chilly for May. I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I don't have a lot to share this week either. We are still living with my Mom and still unemployed. I will be so glad when I can posts some good news! 

We only have about a month left of school and then we could be facing some big life decisions. Ray's brother and his wife have offered us a place to stay until we can get back on our feet. They live in SC and my Dad has offered to help us find a place by him in Penn. We are considering a move just not sure if it will be north or south. I will keep you all posted.

Ray has a an appointment Friday to have a test ran on his leg. He's been having some cramping when he walks so they are checking to make sure he doesn't any blood clots in his leg. Then we see the cardiologist June 29th. It may be awhile before he gets disability so that will also play a part in if we move. The next month should be a busy one for us.

So do any of you have any fun plans for the Holiday weekend?


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hello Again

Well, I'm sad to say not a lot going on here. I am still looking for a job and we are still working on Ray's disability. He went to the Dr Monday and informed them he was going to try to get back on disability. One Dr's comment was you are too young. Well, last time I checked he was way too young to have all the health issues he has. I'm not sure what age has to do with any of this but Ray definetly does not have the body of a normal 40 year old. He has upcoming appointments to see the cardiologist and an upcoming test to have his leg checked. The leg they took the vein out for the bypass has been cramping and achey lately so they are going to make sure he doesn't have any blood clots in it. See what I mean it's always something. I just hope we get a break somewhere soon. I am thankful we have my Mother to stay with but as I said before there's no place like home.

Today I put in an application at the Children's Hospital here in Richmond. When I was a baby I had a birth mark that would grow as I did. It was the size of a dime and quickly became the size of a quarter. I spent 13 years in and out of Children's Hospital having plastic surgery. I am proud to say all I have is a scar I could have a birth mark that covered my face if it weren't for the wonderful Dr's at Children's Hospital. What a wonderful place to not only work but make a difference in someones life like they made in mine. I still have a lot of fond memories there and would welcome some new ones. It asked on the application why did you apply and I was proud to click other and type in I was once a patient. You never know it may get me in the door. :)

You know I have been unemployed now for a little over 6 months and I still to this day miss my old job. I wonder if that feeling will ever go away? It's sad when you have a job you like and work with people you love and someone higher up decides that you can't have that anymore. Seems so sad that there is no such thing as job security anymore. What happened to the good ol' days?


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Enough Already

Ok here is another update. I think I've had enough already. Ray just can not keep a job. Some because of the economy and some because of his health. We went to Social Security today to reapply for disability for him. He has a Dr.'s appointment Monday in the renal clinic. We need to talk to his doctor about agreeing this would be in his best interest. I know in my heart he would be better off not working no matter how bad we need the money right now. I would think after 2 kidney transplants and a quadruple bypass he should be qualified.

I am still hoping for a letter to receive an extension on my unemployment. I feel like I could just throw in the towel but I'm very hopeful everything is going to work out. Thanks for your comments they really help more than you know. A kind word goes a long way. Thanks to all of your blogs for helping me forget my problems a little each day. I have to admit I'm a little jealous I so want to tweak or redo something.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Week 1

It's been a week now and I am so bored. Everything I own is in storage except for a few clothes and our TV. I get tired of watching TV and I'm not much on reading. Thank goodness my Mom has internet so I can read your blogs.

My unemployment runs out this week. I am hoping I qualify for an extension although I would rather have a job! The sooner I find a job the sooner I can look for my own place again. Ray is looking now but we really need to incomes to make it these days. 

After Church yesterday we rode to the local GW. No luck at all. I seen a few things I might could redo but they were entirely to high. I was so disappointed because I was looking for something to work on. I may try back another day.

I wish I had something fun and exciting to share but I don't. As I said earlier thank goodness for your blogs. Thanks for all of your sweet and kind comments. I know something good is coming but I have to be patient. I hope to check back in soon.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The End

I wanted to pop in and just say hello to everyone. It's been a hectic week. As you know we had to move out of our home. We started moving loads to storage last Wednesday and took over a load or two everyday and did the major move on Saturday.  Sunday we went back and moved yet another small load. I thought my storage was more than big enough until we had to pack it and boy is it packed! Monday and Tuesday I spent most of the day cleaning up the house good and touching up the paint. I had no idea just how big my house was until it was empty. Today I closed the door on Austin Road for the last time. They say when one door shuts another one opens. I hope the next door will be attached to as nice of a home as Austin Road. I will miss the place I called home for seven years.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

7 YEARS...

We have moved a few boxes into storage and will try to move as many as possible before Saturday. Hopefully all we will have to move on Saturday is our furniture. Then I will need to go through and tidy up the place. We will be staying with my Mom for awhile until we can get back on our feet or until school let's out. Se lives in the same school district so we won't have to change Eleni's school. 

If I had to sum up the last 7 years I would say they have been a blast. Like all families we have had our ups and downs but the good memories will always out weigh the bad. When I close that door for the last time I will be sad but in my heart I will always remember the happy times.

I have spent a lot of time thinking and reminiscing this week. I can't help but think back to the day we moved in it was 4th of July 2002. This house was twice the size of the little rancher we  just moved out. I thought will I ever be able to fill this huge house. We not only filled 1520 with stuff but also a lot of laughs, fun, and memories. As I sit and look around at our lives all boxed up I wonder where we will call home next.

I want to thank all of you who have commented on  my blog. You will never know how much your kind words have meant to me. You have been there all the way and I hope you will continue to stop by as I begin a new journey. 


Friday, April 17, 2009

Faithful Fridays with Joy

This has been a very difficult week for me. I have been packing next week we will be moving out of our rental home of 7 years. It's been 5 months and I am still unemployed. I had no idea just how hard it was going to be to get another job. I have applied everywhere and no luck so far, but I do have faith that my job will come in due time. Ray is working a little more but there are no guarantees how much or how long. At this time we have decided to move in with my Mom until we can get back on our feet. It will not be easy for any of us but it's something we need to do. I am hoping that we can save a little money and maybe find a smaller house. Yes, I said smaller something most people don't say. :) I'm hoping the rent may be a little cheaper and the bills a lot cheaper. 
I wanted to write about someone I am thankful to know. That would be my friend Kim. Today is Kim's birthday and I wanted to let her know I am thankful for our long long friendship. I posted pictures of Kim and I scrap booking awhile back.
I thought it would be funny to post an older picture of us. WOW! We have changed a lot in 16 years. 
This was taken at my baby shower when I was pregnant with Eleni. This is also before my hair turned gray :) Kim has always been a good friend and I wish her the very Happiest Birthday! 
I will try to post as much as I can. I will definitely be popping in and reading your blogs.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Dirt, Dirt, and more Dirt!

Well, I can officially say I am exhausted. Remember the hole where the pool used to be? It's finally filled with dirt. It took about 9 yards of dirt and a lot of shoveling! We were doing it by the truck loads but it would have taken us forever so my brother in-law borrowed a dump truck and brought me a load of dirt. Since the deck had to stay it wasn't possible to get the truck close enough to the hole so it had to be moved by hand.

I was so happy when Jessica got home from work. I had been shoveling for over 3 hours and was so happy to have help. It sure doesn't look like a lot but it was a lot of dirt! After a few more hours of shoveling my neighbor Chris came to help me out and he brought his big brother Jacob and friend Blake. Here is Chris giving me a helping hand which was more than appreciated.




We were all exhausted especially me. I shoveled from noon that day until after 7pm. I was thankful for all the help and for Abby's help supervising. I wasn't able to work on what was left until today. Eleni is back from SC so she and I with the help of her friend Katie finally got it all shoveled.


Abby supervised until the pile was gone. It only took us about 3 hours today to spread the rest of the dirt. I have never been so happy to have a project done!

Here is a before picture!


I threw down some grass seed so hopefully it will rain. My luck it won't since that's all it has done for the past month. We just have to put the sides back onto the deck and everything will be as good as new. Now to start packing. I'm still holding out hope that things will work out for us. :)

Thanks for all the wonderful comments about my Aunt Helen and Uncle Lewis. The picture I posted was of them on their Alaska cruise next month they are going on another cruise but this time to Bermuda. What a great way to celebrate 50 years of marriage.


Friday, April 10, 2009

~** Special Post **~

 I know I have some people who read my blog and don't blog themselves. I am thankful for anyone who reads. Well, today is a special post for me. Today I wanted to post about someone who is very special to me. That would be my Aunt Helen. She will be celebrating her 50th Anniversary tomorrow. It doesn't seem like she and my Uncle Lewis are even old enough to be married that long. Most of my favorite childhood memories were spent at their house. My Aunt Helen still looks the same as when I was a child and I can't remember her ever being mad and she always always smiles.

When I think about them I remember always eating Frosted Flakes out of a tupperware bowl, but when you were done you had to put your bowl in the sink. My Uncle Lewis I gave the nick name Grape Ape when I was younger. He just reminded me of Grape Ape that big purple ape in the cartoons. My Uncle Lewis always had lemon heads in a candy dish. I used to love his candy and sometimes I got caught sneaking a piece. :) I could share so many funny stories but I would be posting all day but two are very familiar in my mind. Once when I was over visiting my cousin Sonny told me that if you talked during a thunder storm lighting would strike your teeth. Just one way to get me to shut up because I was and still am a talker. It worked. :) Once I wrote a love letter while I was over their house to my cousin's friend. I think his first or last name was Ward. He came to visit and I couldn't find my note. I remember being so devastated because he would never know how I felt. Oh did I mention he was probably 18 and I was probably around 10. Oh and one last memory when we were younger we always exchanged gifts with them on Christmas. I don't remember any of the gifts I ever got but one! Thanks Helen for my first training bra. Another devastating moment but great memory. Their home was my second home growing up and you can't erase good memories.

So here is a big HAPPY 50th ANNIVERSARY to two of my favorite people! I love you and wish you 50 more years of joy, laughter, and happiness!

Thanks to modern technology someone emailed me this picture for my post. This is my Aunt and Uncle when they went on a cruise to Alaska. Hmmm my hair is all gray and look at my Aunt Helen's she still has her dark hair!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Just Popping In To Say Hello

I just wanted to pop in and say hello to everyone. I haven't had anything to share so I haven't been posting a lot lately. We did manage to get a load of dirt today for the pool hole. It didn't even put a dent in the hole. We are supposed to get more tomorrow. I think we will need 3 or 4 more loads. I didn't realize just how much dirt they dug up to level the yard. 

I can't believe Easter is Sunday. The older you get the faster time seems to fly. I think I am going to change it up a little this year. Instead of Ham we are going to do a BBQ. I will put it in the crock pot and hopefully it will be close to done when we get home from Church Sunday. I am going to make Ray a pineapple upside down cake and me some chocolate bars. I got the recipe off of Linda's blog behindmyreddoor they looked easy and so yummy. 

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions on my cross stitching issue. I am going to look into that magnifying lamp. That may be just what I need. I really would like to finish it.

I hope to have something exciting to post soon. I definitely hope to have some pictures of something. :) Thanks for stopping by and sticking with me even though I don't have a lot to share.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Again Already?

I hope everyone had a great weekend. The weather here in VA was perfect. Actually Saturday Ray and I drove to NC to meet Ray's brother David. They live in SC and he and his wife Donna met us half way and they took Eleni back with them to SC for her spring break. We all ate lunch and then we came back home. It was a beautiful day to just ride. Eleni loves to go visit them. She gets to spend time with her cousins and do all sorts of fun things like fish, 4 wheel, and just hang out. She is definately my outdoorsy child. Jessica on the other hand prefers to be in the house laptop in hand. So funny how different they are to be sisters.

I have some things I need to be working on so I hope to maybe have some pictures next time. It's possible we may have to go pick Eleni up in SC. My sister in-law loves going to TS so I may ride along and see if I can find me something. :) I feel the need to try a redo. Also does anyone know if there is some type of magnifying glass you can use to cross stitch? I have some glasses I use for reading the computer but they were not working for me when I tried to cross stitch. I got the worst headache from straining my eyes. I really wanted to finish this up. I'm open to any suggestions. :)

I wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has been including me ion their prayers. I am so thankful and greatful. Things are tough and I keep trying to be optimistic and upbeat. I do have my really bad days and I try to remind myself it could be worse. So thanks again for thinking of me and my family. 


Friday, April 3, 2009

Faithful Fridays

I wanted to say I am so thankful for all that I have been blessed with since I have lost my job. My husband was able to get his medicine even though I lost my insurance. My rent is paid up to date even though we have not had a steady income in months. We have managed to keep food in the freezer, gas in the truck, and a little something to put in the offering plate every Sunday. 

I am thankful that on my bad days when I post and whine you leave me kind comments and that you still come back. I am so thankful I started this blog it has been a band aid on those days I need a lift. 


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Misery Loves Company

Ok so it's true misery likes company. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any. I have been in a terrible mood for the past few days. I sat on my computer yesterday and checked constantly for new posts and emails. I was looking for someone anyone to join me. I am happy to say everyone was too busy. Today I am feeling much better. I guess we all have our days. I seem to be having way too many for me. :)


The other day we stopped by my Mom's house. She once lived in a really nice neighborhood. Some new families have moved in and it's going down. Her next door neighbor has so much junk in the yard you can't even tell it's a yard. Then in one bedroom they don't have up curtains and you can see the clothes piled up to the ceiling. I can not understand how people can buy a home and just not take care of it. I am a renter and I treat this home as if it were mine. I don't have a green thumb but my yard is kept up. It's so unfair that so many people are homeless or losing their homes and there are people out there who don't love their homes. I think that's what addicted me to blogging seeing the love everyone has for their homes.


Eleni took this picture of Pepper. I wonder what he was thinking. The look on his little face cracks me up. :) Thanks for dropping by and letting me vent yet again. I am so hoping that things turn around here for us and very soon. 


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What Relaxes You?

I have been so stressed lately. This past weekend I chose to do something I loved and relaxes me the most. That is scrap booking. I just love looking back and enjoying the memories that pictures hold in time for us. I decided to update Eleni's school scrapbook. I had only done k through 1st grade. So this weekend I worked all day Saturday and Sunday after Church on her book. I did 2nd through 6th. Now I just have to complete 7th and 8th grade and I will be up to date. :) The only thing I hate about scrap booking is pulling out all the stuff and then putting it away.

I had stuff all over the kitchen. The sad part is this is only some of my stuff.

Seems so hard to believe that Eleni is now in the 9th grade. They grow up so fast.

This is one of my favorite pages. One of our scrapbook friends teaches at a near by college. She teaches child development classes. We get to go there from time to time and use the die cuts. I love when we go there I save all my scrap paper for when we do get to go and I stock up. I just love this Dr. Seuss hat. 

So what do you like to do to help you relax? Thanks to all of you who stop by and leave me such great comments.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Blessing from a Blog Friend

If you didn't read my post from Friday please do. I shared a special story about a very special blog friend named Tammy. I know everyone probably already knows Tammy but if you don't go check out her blog I promise you will love her and her family. 


I have become a little lazy since I don't have a job. Well, I'm not sure if lazy is the right word but I do sleep a little later. Friday shortly after eight am Abby woke me barking. Something had startled her and woke her. I thought I heard a noise out front so I got up and looked out my window and in my driveway was the Fed Ex truck. I first thought he must have the wrong house so I waited for him to leave. I peeked out the door still in my jammies. :) There on my porch was a package. Well, I knew then he had the wrong house. I had not ordered anything. So I brought the package inside and I couldn't believe my eyes. It was a package for me. I was in shock. I stood there thinking am I still asleep. I took the package in the kitchen and started to open it. My eyes started to burn as I held back the tears. This was inside my package.

I had mentioned to Tammy how much I loved her table bench and asked did Jason make and sell them. She wrote me back and said he did make them and could make me one. Well, I was going to order one and Ray was laid off the first time. So I told her I would have to wait. I really wanted one and was about to order it and Ray was laid off again. So I asked Tammy if I could and send her a little something every week and then purchase one. Tammy said she would get back with me after she spoke to Jason. I was so surprised when I opened this box and this was in there with another little package and a note. She wrote along with these goodies comes love and blessings from our home to yours! How could someone who didn't know me be so kind?

Here is the stitchery Tammy made me.

I absolutely love it. The table matches perfect with my place mats and curtains. I love the stitchery one because of what it says and two because my friend made it. I had no idea when I wrote my on my blog Thursday night to be posted on Friday that I would wake-up to this. Thank-you Tammy for my wonderful gifts but most of all for your friendship. 

I still have some tweaking to do but a lot of my things are already packed so I had to use what I had. Janae's candle mat looks great on here. I have to mention that Tammy's husband did a wonderful job on this. It's gorgeous and I already sent word when I do get back on my feet financially he better look out. 


Friday, March 27, 2009

Faithful Fridays

I wanted to share a little story with you all. When I was working and work became slow I started reading the Country Sampler forum more often. I noticed that Tammy S. as we know her on the forum had started a blog. I clicked on the link one day and I was addicted! From her blog I clicked on another and so on and so on. I couldn't look at the pictures on CS forum because they were blocked for security reasons but I could see the pictures on the blogs. I was in heaven what a way to help pass times. After a short time I had come to love Tammy and her family. I knew who they all were and what seemed like everything about them. It seemed as if she had the perfect husband and perfect life. I often joked I want a blog husband and a blog life. Donna my boss/friend would laugh at me because I would say it all the time. After many months of reading Tammy's blog I realized it was her faith in God I really admired and her involvement in her church. I wrote Tammy a few months ago and thanked her for inspiring me to get into Church. I am happy to say that my family and I have been attending Church regularly since before Thanksgiving. Tammy has been a great person to get to know and I am proud to call her my friend. I just wished we lived closer to one another. We all share our everyday lives and tips but you never know just what someone is going to take away from your blog. Thank you Joy for starting Faithful Fridays so I could tell everyone how thankful I am to have met you and your Mom.

I'd like to add I am thankful for all the great comments left that touch my heart and lift my spirits. Thank you.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

~I was once her~

Today I was in line at the grocery store and I was reminded just how much my life has changed and how much I have been blessed. There was a lady maybe a little younger than myself ahead of me and she was taking awhile. I noticed she had her groceries separated into piles on the belt. I watched as she was adding on her fingers to see if she had enough money to pay for all of her items. She looked back as to say sorry because I had to wait. I was in no hurry and I soon realized she was using WIC and food stamps to pay for her items and I was reminded of a life I once lived see I was once her.

When  I was nine months pregnant with Eleni Ray became very ill. I'm sure you have read my other post but if not he was diagnosed with kidney failure. He was put on the kidney transplant list and they started him on dialysis. I felt like we were about to enter a different world one we knew nothing about.On one particular day when I went home from the hospital reality hit me and hit me hard.  I had an eviction notice on my door, a four year old who was hungry and I had no money or food, and a husband in ICU. I remember crying so much and so hard I thought I was going to be sick. The life I once knew was no more. I didn't know which way to turn or what to do. The hospital helped me get set up on Medicaid and directed me to my local Social Services. I was devastated I had to rely on welfare and food stamps to survive. My pride was hurt I did not want to live like this I wasn't one of those people. Well, let me tell you learn to swallow your pride when you have a 4 yr old looking at you for food or just a glass of milk. I learned real quick to be thankful for the help I was about to receive. Friends and family all donated money and food to help us out until all the financial assistance kicked in. Within a month we were living a different life but we were surviving. My life changed but so did the way I look at things.

I can remember being that young mother in line with my two children and people staring at me and whispering as I pulled out my Wic and food stamps. They didn't know me and they didn't know my story. Who were they to judge me.  Today when I looked at that lady I couldn't help but wonder what was her story? I was reminded how many times I have been blessed.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

1 Month to Go

Hubby has finally finished painting all of upstairs. All I have left to do now is patch any nail/screw holes I have made downstairs. Trust me I have my fair share of those. :) Seems hard to believe that we have been here almost seven years. Time has really flown by. Sad to say it looks like we will be moving out and in with family in a month. I have some packing done but still have a lot left to pack. I guess I will start back up on the packing next week.

I have applied and applied for work everywhere. When I say everywhere I am not exaggerating. I am hoping I will qualify for an unemployment extension. We shall see. Hubby has also applied for unemployment the problem is his job. Ok they lay him off for a week then call him in for a day then lay him off again. I am listing it on unemployment and I guess they will just subtract it from him check. I'm not really sure how that works. I am so trying to keep my faith that some great is going to happen in a month. Maybe Ray or I will get a real job in that time.:)

Just curious where do all of you crafters get your paint and what kind is it? Back when I crafted more I always used craft paint from Michael's/Walmart. I am really starting to like all the cream colors everyone is using with the wax/stain over it. I love the black but I think you can have too much black. 

Sorry no pictures this post.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring is in the Air?

It may be sunny but it's not warm. Well, to me it isn't. I have an under active thyroid so I have a tendency to be cold nature. So in case you didn't know I love Summer. The warmer the better. I went outside and clipped a few branches off my bush to help bring a little Spring inside. The bush should become fuller in the next few days but I couldn't wait and stole a few small branches.

I was hoping to have some scrapbook pages to share with you all BUT I never got around to scrap booking. I pulled out all my stuff and on the table it still sits. If you have ever scrap booked you will know the hardest part is pulling out all the stuff and putting it back. It's so worth it when you finish a book. On that note I did decide to share one of my completed books. I just took a few pictures of my book to share with you. Maybe I should say Jessica's book. This is actually from her Graduation Party in 2007.

This is the first album I have had personalized and it's very pretty. This picture does it no justice. I chose daises because that's what we had on the tables as center pieces. My next door neighbor Susan did all of the party designing. I just told her what I wanted and she did the rest. We sent Jessica away until time for the party so she could see it all when it was done. 

This what you saw when you walked up our drive way. We were pushed for time in the end and all of my great neighbors pitched in to help us get it all done before Jessica arrived. Ok remember earlier I said the warmer the better. This day it was so hot. I thought we were going to sweat to death!

This is just a few pictures of the children enjoying the pool. I think I may miss that pool more than I thought.

Here is Abby she had to get in on the fun also. My friend Donna bought this for Abby to wear and Abby kept it on.


Here are the grads enjoying the Hokey Pokey.


Oh then there was was the Cha Cha Slide and The Twist. Everyone got in on the fun.


Susan purchased this for Jessica's party Everyone had their picture taken in it that night. It was a huge hit with the adults also.

Here are a few pictures of the decorations. Jessica's cake was actually a collage of her and her friend through high school. My friend Donna put it together and we had Ukrop's a local grocery store add it as an edible image. They make the best cakes!


Here is Jessica with all her balloons from the party. On Jessica's 18th birthday Susan came over while we were gone and loaded our living room with balloons. Jessica loves balloons. Anyway there were so many so I said Jessica take them outside and let them go but before you do make a wish. Funny but her wish came true so we did the same thing again at her party. Once again her wish came true. I also had everyone sign a scrapbook page so Jessica could always remember who was there.

The last page is a very special page.

Jessica graduated the same year as the VA Tech shootings. A former graduate from Jessica's school was killed that day. As the speaker at graduation spoke he reminded us all of that day and how we should never take anything for granted. You just never know what tomorrow will bring.We had no idea how much those words meant at the moment. This picture was taken the night of graduation. This is my Nanny that I always speak about. She died less than 24 hours after these pictures were taken. We had no idea this would be the last pictures she would ever take. She will be forever missed.

I have also scrap booked Jessica a book for all her school years. I also have these pictures in that book as well as my own book. 

Oh Jessica's first wish was to get into Longwood and her second wish was to get financial assistance. Well, some of that assistance came from me but her wishes came true.