Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall Decor and Random Pictures

I had a really nice three day weekend. I was off Friday for a Dr's appointment then Jessica and I went to a few of my favorite little shops. I didn't really buy anything. I bought some tarts and I bought this cute little mason jar candle holder. I love my little lamps. It's like a black hook that hangs over the side of the jar and inside I added a battery candle. Then I added some potpourri and a piece of homespun at the top. Then we hit all the local stores. We mostly did a lot of window shopping. Then Saturday I made a pot of chili and took a nap. I love naps. Then today I just laid around and did much of nothing. Back to work tomorrow. I must be honest I miss being a stay at home mom. I miss the freedom I had through the day when everyone was at school and work. I miss my old life. I like working but now it's different. I don't feel like I am work towards anything. I am still trying to deal with this new life I was given without a choice.

I don't have a lot of Fall decorations. Most have been things I have gathered over the years and a lot came from friends. I have been very blessed to meet the best people in the world through blogging. My only wish is that we all lived closer to one another. You have been there for me on some of my worst days with a thoughtful word. I hope to continue to blog more as my life changes and who knows what the future holds? Now for some random pictures.

 My Boyd's wagon full of pumkins.
 Little Halloween Tree I bought from Target for $2.50!

 This bowl is from Rachel and the pillow was made by Linda. Two very special ladies!

 Another pillow made by Linda!

 Rachel also gace me this bowl and made the dough flowers.

 This is an old windoe frame Ray found for me.

 This is the living room and on the other side is my office aka my sitting room.

 My new little mason jar candle holder and battery candle.

 There hangs Ray's hat as it would on any given day.

I hope you enjoyed my many pictures!



Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hello Everyone

 I doesn't seem like it's been over a month since I last posted. I went through a few rough days there with the year anniversary of Ray's death. Then we had an earthquake
which I have to admit was a little scary. Then a few days later we were hit by Irene. She left a lasting impression. No power for eight days and two trees down. The neighbor's tree split and it fell on our house with just few inches from Jessica's car. I can happily say we made it through both unharmed and survived without a television. The girls and I actually sat down and played games together. It wasn't too awful bad until you had to take a shower. Nothing fun about a cold shower. Trying to sleep with the humming of generators was not very pleasant either. When the power came back on the games and flashlights were put away. Kind of sad in a way. It was like when I was kid before cable. Funny what we can really live without when we don't have it.

As I mentioned we had to deal with Ray being gone a year. I took a few days off to just sit home and cry if I wanted. I can not tell you or explain just how much I miss him. I am so lonely without him. We did everything together from going grocery shopping to going to craft shows. Ray liked a lot of the same things I liked. Now when it came to sports that was his thing. Mine was scrap booking.  So we had our time apart doing what we enjoyed but my time with him was my favorite. I think back to how we talked about all we could do once Eleni was out of school. We were considering moving back in the city to be closer to my job. We were going to take a trip last fall just the two of us. There were so many things we didn't get to do. I don't think ahead like that anymore I just go from day to day.

Last weekend Jessica gave her friend a baby shower with my help. Someone had to organize and prepare everything. It was very nice. I made her a tricycle out of diapers it turned out pretty cute. I was impressed. Hearing her talk about the baby made me kind of sad. I can remember being pregnant with Jessica and being so excited and scared at the same time. I just could not wait to see what kind of parents we would be and who our baby would look like. I was flooded with memories of Ray before he ever got sick. Then I realized Ray will not be here when the girls have children. He always wanted a son and we had joked a few times about trying again. We knew it just wasn't meant to be. We had hoped to one day have a grandson.

I have noticed I have a few new followers. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. It hasn't been a lot about decorating but hopefully one day I will get some pictures of my living room and office before I move. We are now on a month to month lease. I am looking for something cheaper but I am trying to stay in the same school district so Eleni doesn't have to change schools. This means slim pickings. I just want something smaller and cute. I always see little houses and just fall in love with them. Something with a cute little porch to decorate as the seasons change. I just want something I won't have to struggle with month to month to make it. My dad is helping me out until I move or Eleni graduates. It's still tight. I am constantly robbing Peter to pay Paul. I'm sure I'm not the only one out there. I don't things are getting better I worry we still have the worst to come. Well, I have talked enough. Thanks again to all who visit me new and old followers. Always remember blog friends are the best.