Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Again Already?

I hope everyone had a great weekend. The weather here in VA was perfect. Actually Saturday Ray and I drove to NC to meet Ray's brother David. They live in SC and he and his wife Donna met us half way and they took Eleni back with them to SC for her spring break. We all ate lunch and then we came back home. It was a beautiful day to just ride. Eleni loves to go visit them. She gets to spend time with her cousins and do all sorts of fun things like fish, 4 wheel, and just hang out. She is definately my outdoorsy child. Jessica on the other hand prefers to be in the house laptop in hand. So funny how different they are to be sisters.

I have some things I need to be working on so I hope to maybe have some pictures next time. It's possible we may have to go pick Eleni up in SC. My sister in-law loves going to TS so I may ride along and see if I can find me something. :) I feel the need to try a redo. Also does anyone know if there is some type of magnifying glass you can use to cross stitch? I have some glasses I use for reading the computer but they were not working for me when I tried to cross stitch. I got the worst headache from straining my eyes. I really wanted to finish this up. I'm open to any suggestions. :)

I wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has been including me ion their prayers. I am so thankful and greatful. Things are tough and I keep trying to be optimistic and upbeat. I do have my really bad days and I try to remind myself it could be worse. So thanks again for thinking of me and my family. 



Happily Ever After said...

Hi Donna,

What about those lights with the magnifying glass. It is the one with that swings around. Not sure how to explain it.

I agree, the weekend was gorgeous here too, but today it has been snow flurries.



Stellar Creations said...

Hey girl.. we were enjoying the same sunshine and we might of passed each other on the road.. lol.. I had to go to NC too via Richmond. I was going to suggest the same thing Gigi did so I dont' have anything to add on that note.. lol. Maybe some day we could meet for coffee or something. That would be fun!


Kath said...

So glad you guys had a nice weekend! It was nice here Sunday! "Was" being the key it's snowing! :(

Have a wonderful day, Donna!

Karen said...

Hi Donna, thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment...hope to see you back again.

YES, the trim color will stay the same - well, not exactly because wew don't have that paint anymore and it's not available that I know of so we found some that's almost like it. Most people might not even know we changed it.

We have 3 sons and they're not alike either except that 2 are very meticulous, other than that - WAYYYYY DIFFERENT.


This Country Girl said...

I have more of an indoorsy child and one outdoorsy one too! The funny thing is that Colt is the indoor one and Joy is the outdoor one! I always said my dad sure is enjoying Joy being next door as she loves it when she sees him outside "tinkering" around because she runs out there to do whatever it is he's doing too! Colt is my high tech kid! lol!

I think there are those swinging arm type lights with a magnifying glass, but not sure how expensive they are to use for your cross stitching! I don't dare trying stitching without my glasses! That's just happened in the last year! Oh the joys of being over 40! :)

Hope ya'll enjoyed your Spring Break!