Tuesday, January 12, 2010


It sure has been cold. Rumor is we may thaw out a bit this weekend. They say 50's in VA come Thursday. I am so excited I am so ready for Spring. Seems like since the holidays are gone the cold weather should be as well. We already had a nice snow this year so I am done. I don't mind the cold when I can stay in and curl up with a blanket and watch Lifetime movies all day.

Funny how much you can change in a year. When I was laid off last year I didn't enjoy it at all it was so stressful knowing what was to come. This year I am working and feeling less stressed as I am looking forward of what's to come. We have been house hunting but no luck yet. Boy rent has really went up a lot. Our goal is to stay in the same school district for Eleni. I am praying we just can find something we can afford.

I'm off to the river again this weekend with the ladies for another scrapping weekend. I hope to get a lot done. Last go around I finished 2007 now to start 2008. I am looking forward to just losing myself in my pictures and memories. Maybe we will even watch a few movies. Anything goes no schedules and we eat when and if we want. It's so relaxing and quiet. I wish I could take you all with me. I will be sure to check back in and let you know how my weekend went.



Farm Field Primitives said...

Your scrapping weekend sounds great. I haven't touched my stuff in ages and am so far behind. I think I have too many irons in the fire. I can't seem to give up any hobby. Guess I'll just putter along and do what I can. Take care and have fun.

Kath ~★The Olde Weeping Cedar ★~ said...

Hi Donna,
It's been terrible cold here too...we're s'posed to get a bit warmer too, not near 50 tho!
Your getaway sounds relaxing and so fun, I haven't done any scrapping in...forever! I really should just make the time!
I'm glad things are looking brighter :) I wish you well with the home hunting...something will come along!

Have a happy week!

Carmen C. said...

Sounds like a fun weekend coming up! Hang in there with the house hunting Donna, something will come along:) I'm ready for spring too, we are warming up here in Pa to the mid 30's for a few days which will be wonderful considering we've had highs in the teens and low 20's for a couple weeks:)

Debbie said...

I'm so glad you have posted. Was wondering how your were doing. *hugs* A year makes all the difference, doesn't it? You sound 'less stressed' too! I know when we had to look for a place I about died at the rent they were asking. We got lucky when we found this place but its still not the same as a place to call our own....

Have fun on your weekend and enjoy that weather! :)


Kindra said...

Your scrapping weekend sounds fun! Nothing like being with friends and creating! Stay warm!

basketsnprims said...

Have a wonderful scrapping weekend. It's bitter cold here & we are a long ways from spring. I don't mind, though. Good luck house hunting.

the primitive country bug said...

I miss scrapbooking weekends away. I haven't done one in many years now.
Have tons of fun!
Hugs~ Birgit

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


Your scrapbooking weekend does sound like lots of fun! You are getting so much done...I can't even remember the last time I've scrapbooked!

Hoping and praying you find just the right home! I think about ya'll often!