Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hello Again

Just wanted to pop in and say hello. Not a lot going on here. I've had some kind of crud for days and I am so over it. Going to go out a bit today and get some fresh air. I feel the need to window shop or something. I hope to get all my tax information so I can file. It's like a lottery anymore will you hit and for how much.

 As you have heard me say for a year now I need to move and a new sofa. I am thinking of maybe a blue denim. I so love the white but want something that will last and not come with a lot of maintenance. I just think with 2 cats and a dog the blue may work better at this time. It would be nice to have slip covers in both the white and blue. Hey nothing wrong with dreaming. I was really into the darker colors and primitive country style. I still like it but I think I want to go with something light and airy. I love the new cottage country look. When I thought I was moving last year I packed up everything. I never unpacked it because I know I will have to move. My house only has 2 pictures hanging up and that's my girls senior portraits. Losing my husband really took atoll on me. I just wanted to erase everything and make the pain go away. I still have the pain in my heart but I need a change. We were only in our house 6 weeks before Ray's heart attack so it's never really felt like home to us. Just memories of losing him and what should have been a happy time for us.

Moving on this Tuesday the 5th is my daughter Jessica's 24th birthday. They grow up so fast. She works full time as a pharmacy tech for Rite Aid and is going to school full time at VCU. Her dad would be so proud of her. She's turned into a wonderful young lady. Well, that's about it for now. I hope everyone stays warm and well. I know I don't have any pictures posted right now but hopefully soon some changes will come. Until then thanks for sharing your homes and decor.



Susannah said...

Hello Donna, It is so nice to see you posting today. You had so many followers and I am sure everyone misses you!

Your idea about a denim couch sounds like that would be a good choice for you. Oh, yeh, I would love changeable slipcovers, too, but maybe not this year for me. We just got a new cat and I think I had forgotten how much I hate cat hair!

If you move, what kind of a place would you like? Another house, apartment, town house? They all are looking kind of good for my husband and I. We keep talking about selling our house but I know we could never leave.

You sure should be proud of your daughters and your husband would be, too.

I have thought about you often and have wondered what you were doing. You sound so much better. I know your heart still hurts deeply though.

Well, I hope I said something to cheeer you. Have a good Sunday!


Cheryl said...

It was nice to click on Never So Simple and see your post. 'm certainly hoping for good things for your family in the coming year.

annie said...

happy to see your post, hope you find the sofa you are looking for, slip covers are so much easier! I think of you, and still pray. you must be very proud of your children, hugs!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

First of all, happy birthday to Jessica! I forgot that she's just a little older than Colt. His is the 4th of March. I'm sure Ray would be proud of Jessica.

Joy was sick on her birthday on the 2nd of Feb with a stomach bug but trudged right along.

I think your blue and white will be pretty and there's nothing wrong with a change. I like the the cottage look too, Donna! I like denim couches!

It was so good to see your post here, Donna!

Take care of yourself!


Raggedy Creations said...

Hey Donna, been thinking about you off and on. Glad you are doing ok. Just keep encouraged, God will see you through.