Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Finally Some Good News

Hi everyone,

This Summer took forever to get here not it's August. I get sad during the fall and winter months. The short days make the nights way to long. I just hope Summer sticks around until October. Let's see where should I begin. As many of you know that have been following me I have been applying for another position in my company. I have been wanting to get in claims. I received an email asking me to interview June 26th at 11am. I actually had this day off because the 26th is my birthday. I still accepted! I went home and tried to find as much information as I could on medical claims. There are not a lot of examples online. So I took notes about the history of when claims started. So the morning of my interview I got up dressed for my interview and out the door I went. When my interview started they asked why didn't I reschedule since I was off. I said NOTHING was going to keep me from coming for this interview. I thought my interview went well and when I answered my last questions I told them I did try to prepare better this go around. I told them everything I could find on claims. Interview was over I went to the bathroom changed and left to enjoy the rest of my day off. July 3rd HR called me and asked for me to come up. I GOT THE JOB! I was so excited. This was my 8th time in 2 years I have applied. Not only did I get the job I am also back under my old manager Eric. So things are looking up....On August 14th it will be three years since Ray died. I miss him as much today as the day he died. I always that week off work. This year I had it of but now that I have moved to a new department it will interfere with my training. I did ask for the day off. It's not a good day for me. I wanted to do something different this year. I think the girls and I may ride down to Virginia Beach for the day. I want to spend the day with m girls remembering Ray. I will let you know how that works out....I am thinking of trying to buy a townhouse. I am so tired of renting. The septic tank went bad and so they had to hook us up to county water. This was last Fall they dug the front yard up and it has been nothing but a mud puddle. The landlords had those big black tubes coming from the gutters so it would drain into the yard. Well they decided to put the tube part underground so it could drain out further in the yard. Now not only is the front yard a mess now the back yard is all muddy. So frustrated with the mess. A few weeks ago the air went out and it was one of those 100 degree days. I called them and told them she said let me call you back. She called back and said my husband said call these people and told me the name of a company. I didn't like that because I feel it was there place to call. So I called and being it was Saturday I used the emergency service. Not knowing if it could be fixed I went to Lowe's to buy fans. I loaded the basket up. Right as I was about to check out Eleni called and said they got it fixed. It was a clog or something. So needless to say I put the fans back. I just am tired of giving someone my money and not having anything to show for it. If any of you have any suggestions or can tell me anything about buying a house I will take any tips advice suggestions. I hope all is well in your lives thanks for stopping by.



lisa said...

Congrats on the new job.... I am happy for you.... it's not easy losing a spouse... I don't know how it feels but I have a close friend and Doug has been gone 4 years and she still has a very hard time with it. She misses him so much.. I hope you have friends you can lean on during August... I will be praying for you to get through it..

As for buying a home, we bought ours16 years ago and I am not up to date on buying a home....I hope someone can help you on that... other wise I would read up on it on the internet to find out all your options...

Hugs again on your new job.....

Raggedy Creations said...

Wow Donna that is great that you got the position.

It's so good to hear from you again. I think of you at times and wonder how you are.

Maybe you should think of posting more often.


Susannah said...

Hi happy about your new position in the company! Congratulations!

Lived in this house close to 30 years so do not know any of the new ins and outs of real estate. Good Luck.

Take care of yourself,

Tansy Annie Studio said...

Hi Donna!! So happy you got a new position at work! Sometimes it just takes persistence!! YAAAAAAY!!!
I think that if you have not purchased a house before, this is a great time for it. Depending on the area you are looking, you just might be able to find some 1st time buyer benefits! Sometimes companies can influence that too! We are in VA so not too sure about other places. If you have time, you can contact a real estate agent for help. It is no cost to you!:) Hope this helps!! I look forward to your next post!!

bettyj said...

Hopefully you will find your dream home very soon. SO happy you got the job you wanted. Remember God works on His time, not ours, and "all things come to them that wait upon the Lord." Look at this as a new beginning. I miss my husband too, but for the others around me,I try to look ahead and not back. Prayers, my dear for you.

Junkchiccottage said...

Congrats on getting the job. Sounds like things are turning around for you. I think you should get into your new job for awhile before you make anymore big decisions like buying a house. Starting a new job and buying a home and grieving are the three big stressors for people. I would just take everything slowly and jump one hurdle at a time. Well that is my 2 cents on this. Thanks for your sweet comments always on my blog.