Thursday, June 4, 2009

Good Will and June Birthdays

I finally found something at the GW. Our prices here are not as good but for $3.50 I am pleased. I think I will just stain the cutting board a little darker. I'm not crazy about the hole in it so if you have any suggestions. :) The bowl I think I will paint. I was thinking a blue or mustard what color yellow do you use? I originally thought a red and stained but I want to put it on top of the red table bench Tammy sent me so I want it to stand out. Once again opened to suggestions. :)
Still no word on the job. They said it could take up to 2 weeks. I'm not very good at waiting. In my last post I mentioned that a job is what I want for my birthday. A lot of you have birthday's in June. Mine is the 26th when is yours?
On that note I wanted to mention my friend Donna. She was the one who got me the interview. Anyway her birthday is the 6th so I wanted to wish her a very Happy Birthday. Can you believe it she's 29 again. 


country gal said...

Hey Donna,

Yay! You got to go to GW! I think $3.50 is pretty fair for those two. That's about like our prices. Do you think you could sit a prim pear or apple in the hole maybe? Or just fold a piece of homespun and sit something on it.

I have a color Americana or Folk Art Paint that I like to use for a mustard color...I think it's called Antique Gold, but I can look it up. For pieces like wooden bowls and small pieces like that, I like to buy those $1.00 bottles to use. You should be able to find a color you like of those..

I would have a hard time waiting to hear about the interview too! I hope you hear something soon.

Happy birthday to your friend, Donna, too!


This Country Girl said...


I guess you see that was me (Tammy), not Joy. The little booger was signed on to my computer and I didn't realize it!


basketsnprims said...

Donna ~
I use Antique gold, too, and I also use a mustard milk paint. Glad you finally found something at GW. Good luck with the job.

Kindra said...

Love your finds! I think the bowl would look great mustard, blue or cream sitting on your red bench! I'm a wishing and a praying that you get that job!

Goat Creek Grandma said...

Lucky you to get some great finds at GW. I almost went to ours yesterday but always get so disappointed. I love the mustard color too. I think it would look good and I like Tammy's idea for the apple or pear in the cutting board hole. Can't wait to see them when your done. :)

Take care and hope you enjoy your Friday,

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

I use Antique Gold as well and it looks great with a dark stain over it. I was thinking maybe a candle over the hole or if you are going to stand it against something, myabe fold a towel or piece of homespun over it.

Still praying the job is yours!!

hugs, Linda

country gal said...

Hi Ms. Donna,

Sometimes GW doesn't always mark their things fairly, but the majority of the time they do, I've noticed. I like going there with my mom!

Love, Joy =D