Thursday, December 30, 2010

Take a Picture

I haven't posted in awhile. Christmas has come and gone and I must admit I am glad. I tried to be happy and excited for the girls but inside my heart was bleeding. Everyone said give it time it takes time. Well, let me tell you in time you cry less but you miss them all the same. I miss Ray so much it actually hurts some days. He was not just my husband but my best friend. The thing that is the hardest is being so lonely. I miss our talks we had daily while taking me to work and back. I miss Ray and nothing will change that not even time. It's hard when it really hits you he's not coming back all I have now are years of memories and scrapbooks. Which brings me to the point of my posts. One thing we never did and I wanted to do in August when we were all nice and tan was a family portrait. Well, Ray died before we could take the picture. Next time your taking a picture of your house and decoration sneak a picture or two of your hubby and kids. You can never have too many and make sure you get someone to snap a few of you as well. We have very few of Ray and I together because I was always behind the camera but I am thankful for the few I have and cherish each and everyone. They help tell the story of our love!


Carmen C. said...

((hugs)) I too have regrets on the picture taking. A couple months before my husband's brother passed we had him up for a cookout. The two of them were on the swing and i thought to myself "I should go get the camera" but I never did. After he was gone I was really beating myself up over not doing it:( so to everyone out there...TAKE THOSE PICTURES and never miss an opportunity to tell them you love them!

Kimberly said...

Hi Donna, I thought of you over the past couple of weeks... I missed your last post but just read it now. Thank you for the picture reminder. I think the pictures you have of your daughter's graduation are wonderful and you must be so happy to have them.
I hope time is kind to you and the healing will continue.
Keep posting when you can. We're all hear for you whenever you need us, even from across the miles.
Blessings, Kimberly

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


I thought of you so many times over the holidays and even spoke of you to Jason and how I knew you must be having a hard time, and of course prayed for you.

I'm guilty of being behind the camera and not getting many shots with me but we're trying to do better, even if it's holding the camera out and getting a shot of Jason and me candidly no matter what.

Very wise advice.

Love, Tammy

Anonymous said...

Hello Donna, I'm glad you were able to make it through the holiday. You are right when you say you will never stop missing him, and about the pictures too. I was always behind the camera in most situations, and I always hated having my picture taken, but now, with our kids and grandkids, I put that aside, and remember only the few I have with me and John. A lot of things we learn, to late. Hope the New Year will be eaiser on you. I think of you often. Hugs to you, Lorry

Jan said...

First I want to thank you for following my blog. Next, I do know your pain and it will take along time for just a little less. My best friend and soul mate left me Dec.31,2009. I was not there but with my daughter at UNC Hospital in Chapel Hill, NC while the doctors saved her baby's life. When they brought her back from surgery I called and was told he passed away at 2:10. That's when my daughter was in surgery. One life went and one life came. So sad and it really just leaves me speechless. I can't explain it. I will pray for you.Janice-Black Creek primitives

A Primitive Homestead said...

Hi! I noticed you have became a follower of my blog. I like to visit the blogs of those who follow my blog. I would like to welcome you. I am sorry for your loss. Your post are heart touching. Your advise to take family photos is good. So sweet of you to think of others. Blessings!

Mountain Blessings said...

Hello Donna, I just happened by your blog and I am so sorry to read about your husband. The pain must be unimaginable. Although it probably doesn't seem like it but you have so much strength and thank God you are there for your daughters. Someday soon you will have those grandkids and let me tell you, you will have a whole other job. They will need to know who their grandpa was. So you should probably get a head start on how the story will go. If your like me, and I know in this day if you don't scrapbook you must be from mars. But all my pics are in boxes and my grandkids and I dump them out on the floor. They can spend hours looking and asking questions. And I just keep kicking myself for not having them in a nice album that helps tell the story. I am appreciate your post about the pictures and I am going to get my kester going and get er done! Blessings and hugs dear friend. Marla