Sunday, July 10, 2011


This weekend my girls went to visit their Aunt and Uncle in SC. yesterday.. So I have had the whole weekend to myself. I was looking forward to the time alone but it was also lonely. I woke up early and washed clothes. Abby my four legged friend kept me company. I tried to sit in the sun awhile and she insisted on coming out. Then 10 minutes later she was so hot she had to go in. Needless to say I wasn't out very long because I was tired of getting up and down. I came in and painred some shelves and hung them up. I will post pictures soon. No girls means no camera. Then I sat and ate dinner and watched a little TV. It surprises me how much people pay for cable and there is never anything on. I finally got tired of channel surfing and went to bed. Once again Abby had to be right by my side. Can I just say a 20lb dog is small until you put them in your bed. hen today I tried to sit in the sun but it was I who kept getting hot so in I came. I was bored so I mopped, cleaned, vacuumed, and colored my hair. That was all before 1pm. So then I ironed all my clothes for work for the week. Then I watched a little TV and rook a little nap. So all in all I may have been bored but I did get a lot done.

I called my daddy today just to say hello. He complained about the heat. I said it's hot but it's so much better than snow. I could live like this all year. The vegetables and fruit are cheaper and taste so much better. I had my first tomatoe sandwhich yesterday. Can I just say yummy. I bought some fresh fruit and the girls ate it all before they left. I just love Summer time, but I am becoming a fan of Fall decor. I have been collecting a lot over the past few years, and I look forward to putting it out.

When looking around my house I see so little compared to what I once had. When country was mauve and blue I had enough decor for my whole house. Then the colors changed to navy and red. I so loved these colors so much more but I realize I need some new items. All of my new decor came from gifts or giveaways. I have been blessed with Spring decor, Fall decor, and even Christmas goodies all from my wonderful blog friends. I have made so many great friends. I hope to have a give away soon when money allows. I want more new but being a single mom other things come first. I will show you what I have as soon as I can get Jessica to take pictures for me. I hope everyone gets a glimps of the wonderful items I have been blessed to receive.

Yesterday my baby girl Eleni turned 18. Seems just like yesterday. I can still see Ray sitting there holding her before he went to dialysis. He never got to play with her the way he did with Jessica but he made sure they did other things together. We celbrated Eleni's birthday last weekend so she could be in SC for her birthday. This time last year we had our first cook out to celebrate her birthday. I think she wanted to make some new memories which was fine. I just want to see my girls be happy. I guess that is all for now. Thanks again for sticking with me.



Never So Simple said...

Blogger is acting crazy. Excuse the big gaps and I tried to move Eleni's picture to the bottom and it would not let me.


Carmen C. said...

Your pooch sounds just like mine, she wants out constantly, then it's hot out so she wants in...5 minutes later...well enough said, LOL! I know just how your feeling with the girls away Donna, when my son left for basic training last June I thought I'd go nuts for the quiet, no car roaring in & out, no friends coming, it took alot of getting used to but just look how much your getting done;)

rachel said...

Your daughter is beautiful! I hope the girls enjoyed the weekend. I know how you feel about being bored etc ~ some weekends when my son is at his dad's house I feel completely lost without him.
I hope you have a good week ~ try to stay cool!

Dan said...


It sounds like you had a productive weekend and that you got a lot done. I am sure it was really lonely, however you sure are blessed to have your four-legged friend. I know I never feel alone when our babies are around. They fill the house with plenty of life...sometimes a little too much life especially when they start playing and get carried away...LOL! I wouldn't trade them for a million three million and we would talk...LOL!

I am sure you will get everything in your house they way you want it. To me that is part of the adventure. Coming up with new ways to decorate and even using items that we already have and giving them a face lift. I am anxious to see your pictures when you get a chance.

I hope you have a great week!


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


I have a little problem with some of those gaps too. I finally resolved the leaving comments problem. Thank goodness.

It is miserably hot here....101 degrees today and Jason and I were hanging plywood on the garage ceiling above the insulation for the Cedar Loft.

Happy belated birthday to Eleni. She is gorgeous!

It does sound like you had a great weekend. And you sound so much better Donna.

Can't wait to see the pics of your decor items for your home.

Still praying for you all the time.

Lots of love,