Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kitchen Pictures

Here it is my kitchen is finally done. Well, for now anyway. When we moved in the walls had flowered wall paper. I am just not a fan of wall paper so off it came. Underneath was another layer that would not just peel off. We tried everything nothing would work. So the plan was for Ray to skim the walls with mud and then paint. Ray died before he could get to it. I was blessed his friend Mike came and finished it for me. Then the land lady insisted on painting. Hey I was not about to say no. So here is the finished kitchen.

These are one of the scales Ray found in an old Ware house. I love it. That's a fake cider jug. It's made of card board or paper.

Ray picked this out for me. This was the last craft show we went to together.

Here are my other scales he found. The lamp was my aunts and she let me have it. The little whiskey jug was a souvenir my parents bougth from the Smokey Mountains.

One of my many lamps. Ray loved Tiffany style lamps and I loved little lamps.

A few of my many baskets.

Love my table decorated. We don't eat at it so might as well decorate it.

This is a table bench my dear friend Tammy and her hubby Jason made for me. I so love it. I believe Tammy also made me the stitched picture. The sheep in the bowl are from my dear friend Carmen. I won her give away last year.

As you can tell I love baskets. I try to use all the big one's I have and the small one's use to decorate with.

This is a butter churn Ray's mom gave me.

This is an old coke crate that was given actually to Jessica. The lantern came from my Nanny's house.

I used to have 3 hutches but got rid of my two big one's. I am trying to down size some and only keep the things I love. Love my Grandma's old bowl. I love whiskey jugs and old canning jars. I am also a huge candle lover. You will see them all around my house.

This cast iron stove was my Nanny's also. When she died I was the only one who wanted it or would appreciate it.

Yes, I love my baskets but I must say this is my favorite. This was made by another dear friend Pam. If you have thought about buying one of her baskets they are so worth it! They are made wonderfully and are absolutely gorgeous in person.

Finally my window. I love the big window sill. I found the metal flag/candle holder at the Good Will. You will also see tucked in here and there are a few of my favorite Boyd's bears. I have a huge collection and have decided to down size. If anyone is looking for a certain bear or moose let me know I may have it. Thanks for letting me show you my kitchen. Most of it is old and I have had for years but I love it that way. Along with all the things I have been blessed to win or just been given have made my kitchen what it is today. Thanks for dropping in.



Carmen C. said...

Donna, I love it all!!!! Your baskets are wonderful and that lil' cast iron stove is just adorable!!! I love how you have your table decorated, not full of mail and bills like mine, LOL! Thanks for sharing, I love your kitchen!!! ((HUGS))

•♦•The Olde Weeping Cedar •♦• said...

Ohhhhh girl! I Love it ALL!! :)
Everything looks great!!!
Love the baskets, a lot.


rachel said...

I think it looks great!! I love all your old whiskey jugs! Everything looks wonderful!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

It looks great, Donna! I love your table decorated! It's all perfect for the table! I love your hutch too and the way you have it decorated! Love your scales and the baskets! I think it all looks great, girl! One of these days I'm going to buy one of Pam's baskets's on my wish list!

You've done a wonderful job!

Have a great week, Donna! :)

Libby said...

Loved looking at your kitchen, you've done a wonderful job and love all your displays!
Hugs Libs

Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...

Hi Ms. Donna,

I like your kitchen! It looks cute! I especially like the white hutch!


Karen said...

Your kitchen looks so nice! I love all of your country decorations ~ especially the scales :)I love to decorate like this, too. ~Karen