Sunday, April 10, 2011


I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has commented lately. Your stories and kind words go further than you will ever know. I am thankful and blessed to have you all as my blogging friends.
As you all know I'm not loving my job but I go and do the best I can every day. I have been trying to get OT when they offer it. I don't sleep through the night anymore. I always wake up looking for Ray. Then I realize this wasn't a bad dream and just lay there and think. So you add the OT and lack of sleep and anything could happen right? I just arrived at work the other day and I was standing and waiting for the elevator. The elevators have those mirrored doors. I just happen to be looking down and so my reflection of my feet. I had on one black shoe and one brown shoe. I couldn't help but laugh at myself. Most people didn't notice but those who did also got a laugh. On to the good stuff. Last week I received my package from Pam. I won the APP drawing. I was shocked and excited. I have admired Pam's baskets for some time. Let me tell you she does great work. She also included a cute brown bunny, some potpourri, and this spring pillow that I just love! Thanks APP and Pam for making me smile.
A few have asked me and suggested I get in touch with Lorry. I have actually been in touch with her for sometime. She has been wonderful to me. She truly understands everything I feel. We have emailed a few times and comment on FB. She is a truly amazing lady.



Carmen C. said...

Donna, there is NOTHING wrong with one black shoe and one brown, LOL, glad you were able to have a chuckle over it:) What an awesome basket, congrats!!!

basketsnprims said...

I'm so glad you like your giveaway goodes. One brown shoe and one black shoe, that would have made me laugh too. I'm not sure who Lorry is but so glad you have someone to share with. You are in my prayers.

renee said...

Oh girl! LOL! I wore my house slippers to work one day! LOL! Not good! Had to buy shoes at work.
Glad you were the winner of the APP giveaway! I see so many, but I hardly participate for them.
Anyhow, I am glad you are in touch with Lorry! She is a gem!
Hang in there and know there's alot of people here that care about you!

•♦•The Olde Weeping Cedar •♦• said...

Lorry is a 'keeper' for sure...a very special lady, just like you! :) Glad you two hooked up♥♥

Anne said...

Hey Donna, You also won my florrcloth giveaway..I emailed you a while back but never heard from you. If you can email me @, I can give you your choices of paint and designs. Have a blessed day.

jaxonsgram said...

Oh Donna! I love the basket and other treasures you received! I won't say "lucky you", because I know you DON'T feel lucky, even though you love your gifts. I also know that you would give all your gifts up to have that one special gift back, I only wish that were possible. Although I have never done the one black shoe, one brown shoe,(yet), I do know someone that I use to work with that has done that (twice) and she hasn't lost her husband. SO, at least now you know you are NOT crazy! I know there are days when I still think I am. Days when I still don't function like the "before" me, and I am trying to accept that I will NEVER be that person again. I am now the "after" me, and even tho that is not the one I would choose to be, it is what it is now, and it still stinks. One day the tears will slow, and the sleep will come. That day will not be soon enough for you, but it will slowly happen. I wish this for you sooner than later, but your body will take care of itself, and know just when this will happen. I am sending hugs to you!! Lorry (Jax)

jaxonsgram said...

I am so sorry! I got so involved in where Donna and I are in our lives that I forgot to thank you girls for your nice comments about me!! SO thank you! I know the kind words, cards, and thoughts from you helped me to take one more breath. Thank you once again!!! Lorry (Jax)

Jennifer said...

Sorry you are going through a rough time!

Karen said...

That is funny! My husband did the same thing a few months ago. He has two different pairs of tennis shoes ~ and he ended up wearing one of each, which are white, but still noticeably different. He wore them to work. They all had a good laugh! Hope you have a good Easter!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Hi Donna,
First I want to say I'm so happy you got in touch with Lorry...I know you would feel good about it.
I won't say 'time will heal' because only you know how you feel...but I pray you feel better with every passing day.
Each milestone also brings on thoughts.
Bless you so much Donna.
I do hope you had a wonderful Easter.


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

P.S. I totally didn't say how much I love what you won on APP.
I have some of Pam's baskets and she sure does do awesome work.
My son did the same thing with his shoes and it was for our Anniversary part a couple years ago! lol
maybe all of us have done this at times!

Hugs, Karen