Friday, December 12, 2008

~The Last of my Christmas Decor~

Before I show pictures I wanted to thank Tammy over at countrygirlathome for mentioning my blog on hers. Also thanks to all of you who have been reading my blog and for the wonderful comments.. Tammy was right writing blogs can be as addicting as reading them. I love reading about everyones  lives and especially  love looking at pictures of your homes.

I have a few more of my favorite Christmas items I'd like to share. I love Santa's but only have a few.

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Here is a Santa I inherited when my Nanny passed away. He sings and dances but I think somewhere down the line his wires may have been destroyed. He still dances but he won't sing. That's ok he was my Nanny's so he can just stand there. I put a basket in his hand filled with candy canes. When the neighborhood children come in they always take one or two.

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Here are two fabric Santa's I've had for a few years. I really like the Possible Dream Santa's but I don't have any. I like these all the same.

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I have a lot of Boyd's Bears and these are my Santa bears and I just love them!

Now here of some of my favorite pieces. I loves Mooses or Meeses now I'm not sure which is the proper word. 

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I love this guy. I bought him at a craft store a few years back. He has real heavy feet so he won't tip over.

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Here are some of my Boyd's Mooses/Meeses. I can't explain what it is about them I love so much but I do and I can't wait to put them out every year.

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It was hard to get a close-up of this picture without cutting out the little clothes. They are the cutest elf clothes I have ever seen. I got these this year from Avon. It came with the clothes, line and clothes pins. What better place to hang them than in the laundry room. 
Well, I hope you enjoyed the rest of Christmas pictures. I really love Christmas and try to add a new piece each year. Not all of my stuff is prim but a lot of them I have had for awhile or they were passed down. I guess if I keep them long enough they will be primitive one day. :)


Mom in Sahuaritaville said...

Great pics.

I look forward to reading more of your blogs.

Welcome the blogging world,

Janene said...

That clothesline with elf clothes is adorable...I wonder how easy that would be to make?
Thank you for sharing your home with us!
Have a great weekend!

Lauren said...

I love the clothesline with elf clothes! That is too cute..and looks perfect in the laundry room:) I love your Boyds too..I collected those when I was growing up. They are all in a big curio cabinet in my mom's living room...hopefully she'll let me have them back someday haha! Hope you're having a good weekend! <3Lauren

This Country Girl said...


You've got quite a collection of Christmas decor! That clothes line hanging above the laundry room is adorable. Is your laundry room in the hall, like a laundry closet? That's what mine is and I've considered removing the doors and can't make up my mind (it hides so much! lol!). Anyway, love your Christmas goodies...I've always loved Santas and bears too.