Wednesday, December 10, 2008

O' Christmas Tree

Well, I wanted to share a few of my Christmas trees with you all. I love Christmas and just the way it makes you feel inside. I usually have just my one big tree but have fallen in-love with all the little trees I have seen lately and actually decided to get a few. So here are a few of my trees.

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This is my big family tree. My husband loves the color lights so I gave in and we use the big bulbs. I'm not sure why my picture is blurry with the tree lit? The lights put off so much heat they heat up the living room.

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Here is another little tree I use on a shelf in the bathroom. 

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Here is a little tree in my bedroom. This was my Nanny's tree and she no longer used it and sold it to my Mom for her Mother to use. This tree is special to me because it was used by both of my Nanny and Grandma.

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This tree was about to be thrown away at work.  I kept it simple white lights and some homespun bows then I placed it in a little basket. My daughter Jessica bought me the Santa and yes that is one of my furry friends. That is Ms. Pretty and she thinks the bay window belongs to her. It was real nice of her to let me put my tree in her window.

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Here is a little tree that is in my bathroom also. I got it last year for a dollar at Walmart. I kept is simple also. Each of my girls has a tree like this in their rooms as well. This is the first year I have had so many little trees but I love the way they twinkle. 
Hopefully I can post some more Christmas decor pictures tomorrow.


This Country Girl said...


All of your trees look's very festive at your house! My Grandma has (and has had for years) a tree like your Nanny's. I know I would treasure having my Grandma's too!

Your Ms. Pretty reminds me of our Bambi. Our two kitties also think the bay window ledge belongs to them! It's one place that has many scratches and it's okay. They've got to have a place to dream about the outdoors, right?

By the way, I forgot to tell you that I think your blog set up looks really great!


Janene said...

Hi Donna~I am Janene and I linked up to your blog from Tammy's.
Welcome to blogworld!
Stop on over to my blog anytime...You can read yesterdays post about blog stalking...I think we all do it, some are just embarassed to admit it!!
Your trees look so nice and festive!
I wish that I had the room to put up more than one!
I am going to add you to my blog roll so that I can keep up with your posts.
Good luck to is very addicting!

Homespun Simplicity said...

Hi, Donna,
I found you on Tammy's blog (Country Girl at Home). Your trees are very pretty--and Ms. Pretty is very beautiful, too. That WAS nice of her to let you use her window.
:-)Thank you for sharing your trees with us. I enjoyed seeing them.