Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Life in the Fast Lane

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Wow where has the time gone. I still have shopping to do, presents to wrap and cookies to bake. Then on top of all that I still have to find time to look for a job says Unemployment. What's a poor Mother to do? :) I'm sure we are all in the same boat thought you had plenty of time to get it all done then before you know the time is passed. I have to say the only good thing about losing my job is I sure have learned to appreciate the true blessing in my life. I have spent less money and I have to say that's not been all bad. When I look at what I could have spent compared to what I have spent will it really matter after next week. Do we remember the gifts or the memories we make each year. I think back to Christmas at my grandparents and I don't remember the presents but all the fun I had with my cousins. I remember all of the grandchildren eating at a huge fold out table that seemed like it was a mile long. I remember all the home made food my Grandma would spend days making. I remember being happy and laughing what seemed like for hours. I hope that as my children grow they will have those same great memories from their Grandmother's. I hope they remember the memories we make each year and not the presents.


Janene said...

Donna~You are so right! I don't remember any of the gifts that received for Christmas when I was younger...I too remember all the fun we had just being together!
Thanks for reminding us what Christmas is really about..Memories!

Lauren said...

That was a wonderful post:) The memories that you make each Christmas are certainly worth much more than the money you spend. I'm so excited to make some very special memories of my son's first Christmas this year. And I hope that you make some wonderful memories of your own! <3Lauren