Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Surprise

I'd say for about a week now my husband and daughter have been a little secretive. I have been wondering what they were up to and I knew it had to have something to do with Christmas. Jessica, my mother and I had plans to go shopping today. Jessica informed me she and Eleni had to run an errand this morning. When I asked where they had to go they never really had a clear answer. Teenagers was my first thought. Well, they left and it wasn't long after they were gone I noticed Abby our dog was also gone. I kept asking my husband where did they take the dog and he played dumb. Finally they returned with big smiles and lot's of giggling. Well, I kept asking what they were up to and still more giggling. The joke was on me they counted how many times I walked by my surprise. Finally I noticed the cutest picture of Abby with Santa. 

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This is our little Abby. I love my surprise but I wish she had been groomed and bathed. I am a huge picture person and I love to scrapbook so this is by far one the best gifts.


Janene said...

Awww! What a wonderful surprise!
Abby looks wonderful sitting on Santa's lap!
Wonder what she is asking Santa for?

3dogcache said...

Hmm, what...Abby didn't try to rip off Santa's fingers. LOL. 3dogs

This Country Girl said...

Aww..that's so sweet! Your girls were very thoughtful! So now, after you scrapbook the page, please show us! I love seeing scrapbook pages! The picture is cute and so is your Abby!