Tuesday, December 9, 2008

When You Love Your Job!

Well, as I mentioned my life is never so simple. In my previous post I mentioned I was once a stay at home Mom. Best job ever but it had gotten to the point the girls didn't need me as much as I needed them. So I started volunteering at an elementary school near by and I loved it!  I thought now this seems like the perfect job.Well, it must be because no one ever quits. I didn't let that stop me I started applying for Instructional Aid positions. I had quite a few interviews but they all wanted more experience. So I started volunteering in kindergarten three times a week. I then went to get certified to be a Aid substitute. The same day I was certified a friend called and offered me a job in the corporate world. I thought long and hard even though I loved the schools there was not a gurantee when and if I would get a job. So I took the job with my friend. I never knew how much I was going to love this job.

I started working there Feburary 2007 and right off the bat it felt like home. I worked side by side with two great people Donna and Anthony. They soon became my family away from home. I probably spent more hours in a day with them than my actual family. We worked so well together and we always laughed and had a great time. We were displaced November of this year. I was ok with that at first thinking I can enjoy the holidays with my girls and catch up on all my unfinished projects. Then reality set in and I realized I was unemployed. I think I took it the hardest. I have finally quit crying. I had no idea when I took this job how much I was actually going to love it and the people I worked with. I miss them everyday and I know we will stay in touch even if it's just with an email but I miss seeing them everyday.

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Here we are myself, Anthony and Donna. We were a good team. I had the pleasure of meeting so many great people unfortunately a lot of them had already been displaced but a few of my favorites were still around.

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Here is my great friend Tony who always made me smile. I miss him a bunch.

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Here are best buds Crystal and Joanne now their two peas in a pod. Great ladies and a lot of fun to be around and they always have great stories.

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Heres a great looking bunch. This is our corporate future. I know they will fix everything. They always brought us plenty of work but with smiles like Lauren, Ryan, Lindsey, and Bryan who could get upset. 

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And I could never forget our great machine techs Amy and Joey. They always made sure we were up and running.
As I look back at the pictures I am overwhelmed with great thoughts and memories. I am thankful for the job I had because I was able to meet such great people.


This Country Girl said...

What a blessing it was to have a job doing something you loved and having great friends to work with! I can imagine how hard it must be looking for a job! I hope (and will pray) that you find just as much of a blessing in a job again! Please keep me posted!

Again, I'm so proud that you got a blog started!

Have a great rest of your week, Donna!


Lauren said...

Hi Donna! Thank you for your sweet comment..I appreciate it so much! And let me say, welcome to blogging..it is addicting isn't it:) Good for you for getting started though...I look forward to getting to know you and your family!

I also want to say that I will keep your job hunt in my prayers. I'm certain that with these times finding one is challenging. I hope that your search will be over quickly with news of another job that you love just as much as your last one!

Have a wonderful night!