Friday, February 13, 2009

Boyd's Bear Country

I was looking through my pictures and found pictures of our vacation in 2007. My father and brother live PA not far from Boyd's Country. As you have seen in my previous posts I have collected Boyd's Bears for many years. Since we were going up to PA to visit my brother and Dad we went by Boyd's Country. I went a few years back and loved it. I was so happy to see that the decor had changed a little since my last visit. Even if you don't collect Boyd's it is a very nice place to visit. They have tons of antique's and Prim goodies. Oh and did I mention hundreds of bears. I don't collect them anymore but I loved going and would go again. Here are a few of my pictures.


I guess the bears need to have some fun sometime. 


This is actually an old tractor and the bear is sitting on a child size tractor. I think my brother had one like that when he was little but it was green.


You can actually walk across this little bridge and it has actual running water.

Even the bears have to eat sometime right?


Here are a few of my favorite things.


It's hard to tell but the first picture has an old singer machine in it. I loved this old washer in the middle picture. My favorite is this old tub. My Nanny had a tub like this and I could soak for hours.


My girls were amazed at the old cameras and movie reels.


I loved this old truck and I loved both stoves.

This place is three stories and packed full with so many things to see and it offers something for every age. I saved the best for last.

From here they go to the nursery.


I hope you enjoyed a few of my pictures. If you are going that way it's worth the visit. 



This Country Girl said...

That looks like a fun place to visit! I do love all the oldies the stoves and that little white bed best!

Years ago, I used to put a bear on each step of my staircase at Christmas (Christmas ones) or do a bear, then a poinsettia, alternating them. Hmmm.. I wonder if I could find those pictures. I know it's not the "style" anymore, but I really loved it then!

If we ever make it that direction, I'd like to visit this place. It looks really neat!

Got your email and typed a long reply and somehow lost it...I was so I'll get to another one later, but Jason's taking me out on a date this evening, so no computer today! :)

Happy Valentines, Donna!


country gal said...


Love, Joy =D

Happily Ever After said...

What a neat looking place. I've never collected the bears, but it looks like a nice place to visit. I loved the building/barn that was painted with the bear on the front. Can you imagine how long it took to get that just right. As Tammy said, the stoves were my favorite. Especially the white one with the what looked to be green trim. We traveled to Pittsburgh a few months ago for a long weekend. Not sure where this is located, but when we go back to PA, I'll keep it in mind. Thanks for sharing such nice pics.

May you have a Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Blessings,