Friday, February 27, 2009

Never So Simple #1

Well, I told you my life was Never So Simple. Seems like one thing always leads to another. Five years ago Eleni and I begged for a pool. Now I was thinking one of those ring pools that you buy at Sam's or Walmart. Well, Ray and Eleni had a different idea. So within a month a 27 foot pool and deck were put up in our yard. 


The pictures above are from Jessica's graduation party in 2007. One of many pool parties.

This is the small deck that was added by the pool. Perfect for sunbathing, one of my favorite things to do. :)

Now for the Never So Simple part. About a month or so ago I heard a loud pop. I looked out my bay window and noticed a huge limb had fallen onto the cover of the pool. The pop I heard was the pool pillow we use to hold up the cover, or at least that's what I thought. This past Sunday the wind caught the cover and blew it off. I had noticed the cover was sinking but I thought it was from the pool pillow popping. With it being so cold I hadn't been out in the yard a lot. Well, Sunday we realized the pop was the actual liner. The limb came down like a sphere and punctured the cover and liner. When the cover blew off we seen the hole and all the water was gone. The pool pillow had actually survived and was sitting at the bottom still full of air. I called my insurance company to see if it was covered but after my deductible it wasn't worth the hassle of the claim. We didn't use the pool a lot last summer so we decided not to replace the liner but to take the pool down. I am a little sad but with all the things about to happen to us in the near future I knew it was the best decision. My sister actually is taking the pool. She has a nice big yard and her children will really enjoy it plus if my girls want to go swimming they can go to my sisters. 


Here is where my pool once stood. We have to fill the hole with dirt and plant some grass seed. 


Here is my sister trying to help break down the deck. My niece and nephew are in the background tearing up the old liner and bagging it up. We still have more deck to break down. We did as much as we could do before it got dark. I just hope we don't get the rain they are calling for this weekend. I will be happy to see this project done. 



This Country Girl said...


It makes ME sad seeing it come down! I really do hope and pray things start turning around soon for you and your family...I really do!

I'm glad your and your girls will still have the option of swimming when you want though since it will be at at your sister's home.

Everything looked great for the graduation pool party. You sure did have it decorated and tables set so pretty! I know Jessica will treasure those memories!

Hang in there...Things are going to get better!


Carmen said...

Hi Donna, aren't pools a pain anyway? We got one a couple years ago and hubby decided we'd save some money and put it up ourselves, well I know now, I will NEVER do that again, what a task! The sad thing is after ours was up for 2 weeks, hubby put a hole in the liner while cleaning! We put a patch on and it has held, but who knows for how long! Keep your chin up girl, things have to start turning around soon!!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I love how you had the deck done for your daughters graduation:)

Glad your daughters can still swim when they want to and I think the yard will look so big without the pool there:)Have a good day!

country gal said...

Awww.....I wish you could get it fixed.....~sigh~......I'm sure your sister will let you come over anytime!

Love, Joy =D