Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Has your decorating style changed?

I'm driving myself crazy being at home is starting to get to me. I am cleaning cupboards and closets. I even went and cleaned the attic. We don't have a lot up there but I felt the need to see what could go and what could stay. How do you know when it's time to get rid of something? My girls each had a tote full of beanies remember them? They have decided since they haven't seen them for the past 5 years they can finally get rid of them. So we are going to donate them to the Police Department so they can use them when they have a call that involves a child. Stuffed animals seem to make children feel better and the girls and I are just happy we could do something good with them. Jessica actually had 2 totes of beanies, 2 totes of Coke collectibles, and 2 more totes of dolls and misc. stuff. She went through them and actually got it all down to 1 tote! We will be donating things to the local Good Will and Vets. I have 2 totes of my own to deal with.

When we moved here I was a huge Boyd's collector. I had stuffed and resin. My other house was very country. I had wagons everywhere filled with bears, the cat's meow houses over every window and door way. I had the hearts in the windows with cute pictures and shelves everywhere. I loved my old house. I was so sad when I had to move. When we moved here I was excited because it was a much larger house with hardwood floors. After about 6 months I hated it. This is a very dusty area and my floors are not in the best of shape. We are renters so I am only going to invest so much into a home that isn't mine. It didn't take me long to downsize my collections. I still have a few stuffed Boyd's and a few wagons. They are all packed away because I got tired of dusting everything. I'm sure that's what's in my 2 totes. When I look at pictures of my old house I notice just how many things I have parted with over the years and how much my taste has changed. I often wonder if I hadn't of moved what my cute little rancher would look like now. Has your decorating changed much lately? What would you change if you could? 



Janene said...

I used to be all country!
But the blue and mauve kind of left me.
I am now into the primitive decorating.With primitive the more beat up things get the better they look! I feel primitives tell a story of how things used to be!
It is a cozy feeling for me!
So I guess that is not too much of a change...just a little tweaked!

This Country Girl said...

Yes and no. Yes, I'm still country. To me primitive is country. Farmhouse is country. Rustic is country. But I like a combination of all of those. I'm finding that I like less clutter..more of a clean look. I never would have liked anything painted black a few years ago, but it's definitely grown on me. Although my favorite is still barn red/burgundy. I find that I do like a little more primitive than I did...I like what I call clean primitive, but not just purely colonial either. Does that make sense? Anyway, I know what I like when I see it, but not sure you could give my favorite decorating style one title. It's what makes me feel at home and cozy.

I do like furniture painted more than stained, whereas I always used to want stained pieces.

However, one thing hasn't changed..I still would love to own my red checked couch or wing-backed chairs (with recliners) in them. One day...I will! lol! :)

Great post. Thanks for making me think about what makes me happy as far as decorating our home!

Have a great day, Donna!