Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Your Favorite Blog

I was sitting here wondering what is it about a certain blog that makes you come back over and over?I love to read blogs about your family and your decorating ideas. I like to see what projects people are working on and what they are cooking. So what makes you visit a certain blog? Do feel you are drawn to a blog by it's pictures or by the topics? 

Thanks to everyone for your ideas on my little dresser. I really would love to use it in the kitchen but what could I put inside it? Loved the bathroom idea also a lot of goodies could be stored in it for that room. Another great thing about blogging you guys are always so helpful!

Thanks everyone for your kind comments. I have my up days and my down days. I  seem to be having more down than up lately. I am hoping to get lost in some projects which should keep my mind busy so I don't worry so much.



This Country Girl said...


I'm sorry to hear you're down, but it's understandable! Hang in there though...we're praying for that job!

It's hard to identify any one thing that draws me to a blog...I like variety (even within the same blog). I like people's blogs that I can identify with...whether it be their love for their family, their creativity, homeschooling, or their decorating. I do find myself drawn to people that seem genuine and real to me though. Gosh, I didn't help much, did I?

Be sure and show us what you do with your little dresser, okay?


Kath said...

Hi Donna!
love that little dresser :)
I don't know what really draws me to a blog...I like to see what everyone is up to, how they're decorating and the projects they are their fa,ilies are....GOSH...maybe I'm drawn to blogs just cuz I'm NOSEY! ;) LOL!!!!


Stellar Creations said...

I have become obsessed with certain blogs.. I don't know what draws me to them. Some are the colors/styles they use that are so much like my own.. others give hints and tips that help those like me who are just beginning this wonderful prim way of living. I've learned so much from you ladies, I love "living" with you and spending part of my day with you all.


Leslie said...

I don't know if I can explain what draws me to a blog. Since most of my blogs have something to do with Prims then I would say that has something to do with it. I look for others that love what I love...prims, crafts, making over junk, their families....Like Tammy said, people that seem Real! I like reading about people's lives and feeling like I'm "talking" to a good friend...the good and bad but definitely not too much drama.

Have a wonderful day. Think positively, Donna. It's hard but keep looking up!


CozyCoops Corner said...

Hi Donna,
I love reading so many blogs. I think I'm mostly drawn to blogs that have something to do with decorating or that have similar interests with me. I also just love seeing what other people are doing in there lives. It's like a fun neighborhood around here isn't it ? I'm so glad I started blogging a little over a year ago. I really started my blog for my family to keep up with us when we moved and never expected to find so many great blog friends and wonderful blogs to visit!
I'm sorry that you've been feeling down. I hope you have a good day today.:-)

Cindy B said...

I think it doing you a world of good to share the ups and well as the downs... will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
I follow blog sporadically..must had over 50 i like..LOL I love reading blogs that make something out old things needing a new use. With the economy as it is..i think many of us look for that!
The little dresser is so precious..Wouldn't you nanny be pleased to know how much it means to you. Is she living still?
In the kitchen...I would use it to hold different tea bags.( kept in plastic sealed bags for freshness) another idea would be favorite and more often used recipies. I am sure you will find the perfect thing and place for it!

Linda said...

Hi DOnna, I like blogs that are about decorating similiar to me usually, family, life and travels and I like lots of pics. Like Tammy I like people that seem real and human but at the same time, I don't want to know all the bad or too intimate things about anyone. There is too much bad stuff in the world. I want to escape into other peoples lives for a few minutes. And I don't mean minor ups and downs scare me off. I jus don't want to get drawn into deep family battles or stuff too personal if you know what I mean. I don't mind the normal stuff we all have. I think we can lift each other up in fact.

I hope your visitors do that for you!! :-)