Thursday, February 19, 2009

Help My Teen Has Been Abducted By Aliens

UGH! I made it through raising one teen girl now to make it through my youngest. She was so sweet, kind, pretty, and lovable but I think she has been abducted by aliens. We are talking major attitude and smart mouth. I know a lot of it is her age  since she will be 16 in July but I swear she is going to be the death of me. I thought me not working was going to be a good thing for her. NOT! We are really clashing on everything. I think it's harder this time around because she is my youngest. I wish the aliens could abduct me for awhile instead. :)


On that note I have a question for you ladies. What do you hang on your walls? I only have a few pictures. I prefer more dimensional items. I have a few peg racks and a lot of stars and baskets but I don't really have any shelves anymore. I used to have tons of them but did away with them all because they had heart cut outs in them. I did keep one that I love but I'm not crazy about the hearts anymore. Usually we show pictures of a room but I'd like to see more wall decor. Here are just a few things on my walls.
The star hangs over my mantel and the picture hangs in my half bath.
The baskets hangs in my bedroom and the star hangs in my foyer.
The picture hangs over my stove and the scoop also hangs in my kitchen. 
This plate rack hangs in my living room. The plates are wooden wish I could find some wooden bowls. :)
These are just a few things on my walls that I love.
Oh thanks ladies for all your comments on my last post. I finally received more than 9 comments. I hope I don't bore you guys too much. Thanks for all of your visits and comments.


This Country Girl said...

Well Donna one of my favorite sayings is "This too shall pass"...! :) Eleni sure is a pretty girl!

I have a longjohn basket almost exactly like yours!


Kath said...

Morning Donna :)
What a pretty young lady!
All I can say is, it's a combo of age and a "mother daughter" THING! mom and I were the same way. It passed, and we were/are BESTEST FRIENDS :) Tammy's right..."This too shall pass"!
I have very few pictures on my walls, mostly have shelves and just about anything else that will hang! :)

Have a wonderful day
(btw, your posts are NEVER boring, I enjoy them:)


Anonymous said...

Hi Donna,
Have you tried buying the rusty, tin stars to glue over the hearts? I've heard of alot of ladies doing this.

I don't think my daughter and I quit arguing until she was a senior in highschool when she seemed to finally mature, now she calls me every morning before work and after work on the way home:) Yes, this to shall pass.

Janene said...

Donna~I'm telling you that teenage girls and their attitudes can make you want to run away and NEVER come back!
I have two shipped out to college and 4 more at home!
I'm hoping that it will get easier...but so far not so!
Hang in there!
Ugh! I could just kick myself...I saw one of those Longjohn Baskets at the thrift store this past weekend and I passed it by because Joe was with me and rolled his eyes when I picked it up! Next time he is staying home with the teenage girls! That will teach him to roll his eyes at me!

CozyCoops Corner said...

Im sorry you and your daughter are having a rough time. I'm sure it's just the age and things will get better ! I hang lot's of different things on the wall~ old windows, cupboards, shelves, peg boards, gameboards, candle ledge's,signs, samplers, stars, wreaths, wool rugs, baskets and candle sconces. There's probably more, but I can't think of them right now. I like what you have on your walls so far! You should have your package by Monday.They told me 5 to 7 days at the post office. Have a great day Donna !

Carmen said...

I love everything on your walls! I sure can relate to the teen thing too, my son is 17 and just got his driver's licsence and an attitude to go with it! Just think tho, someday they will go through it with they're own kids, LOL! by the way, 9 comments is great, I'm lucky if I get 5or6 and I post constantly!!! Have a great weekend!

primitive basketcase said...

Hi, Donna!
I just found your blog thru one of my faves & I'm definitely adding you to my blog list. I hang shelves, peg wracks, baskets, gameboards, samplers, wooden signs, candle sconces and a few pictures. Right now I'm waiting for dh to build me a long shaker shelf to hang over my couch cuz I just painted the walls last month. Sorry about you & your daughter ~ I think boys are much easier to raise. She sure is a pretty girl. Have a great weekend and stop by my 2 blogs if you get a chance ~ basketsnprims is my main blog, primitive basketcase is my selling blog.

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

OH man when my DD was that age, I could have easily sold her to the lowest bidder. Good thing they out grow it! LOL

miss mary said...

this will not last long. It will pass. she is really pretty
have a blessed day.