Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Where do you sleep?

Last week Tammy showed us all her bedroom. It got me to thinking what does everyone's bedroom look like and what size bed do you have. I would love to own a king size bed one day because Abby sleeps with us. Although Miss Abby is not a big dog she likes to spread out and she likes to hog the covers.  My bedroom is not as lovely as Tammy's but I decided to share pictures.

We have a cherry pencil post queen size bed which I love. Right now I am using an old bedspread that belonged to my Nanny. I am hoping when I get a job to buy a new spread or comforter set. Oh the doll on my bed my aunt gave me on my 40th birthday it's a porcelain doll named Jessica.


At the foot of my bed is my Nanny's sewing machine cabinet. It has a sewing machine inside it. The black and white picture is of my Nanny when she was a young lady. It's one of many favorites I have of her. Hanging above the cabinet is a coat rack I bought at a craft show. I think it looks better with baskets hanging from it.


That's it for my bedroom. I hope to re-do it soon but for now it will have to do. Thanks for taking a peek. 



Stellar Creations said...

Cute bedroom.. got room for 3? LOL.. kidding.. it looks really nice and LOVE the baskets.


Janene said...

I love the idea of having a chandelier in the bedroom!
I am gonna have to look for one to put in mine!
I love the singer sewing machine..My Mom has one just like it!

CozyCoops Corner said...

You have a very nice bedroom ! I would like to redo mine soon. I will have to share pics of my bedroom on my blog one day. Fun idea and thanks for sharing !
Janae :-)

country gal said...

That's a beautiful bedroom. I feel all cozy now....Hee hee....=D Thanks for sharing!

Love, Joy =D

This Country Girl said...


I think your bedroom is great! I love that quilt on the end of your bed too! Your bedroom looks cozy to me. And you should be proud of having a queen size bed...ours is only a full!

Thanks for the mention in your post. That was sweet!

Have a great Thursday, Donna!


Kath said...

Hi Donna-
Love you room! I really like that quilt at the foot of your bed-beautiful splash of color! Love the lighting too!


Happily Ever After said...

I love the sewing machine that you have pictured. My grandmother had one of those when I was a child. My mother-in-law has one and has promised it to my hubby and me when she stops using it. Yes, she still sews with it.