Monday, February 9, 2009

In Need of some Ideas

OK I need some ideas. A few years ago my Nanny gave me this little dresser. If I know her she got it from the TS. She said when she seen it she knew I had to have it. Anything my Nanny ever gave me was a treasure and now more so since she is gone. So here it is. It's 14" tall and 5 1/2" wide with six drawers. There are no pulls so it's hard to get the drawers open. I was thinking of attaching some knobs on and painting it BUT what do I do with it? I am open to any suggestions. 


I haven't really been in a blogging mood lately. I like many others was glued to my TV to see what our new President had to say. I sit here everyday searching for hours for a job. It's getting really scary and I have several neighbors who are also feeling what I am feeling. I hope and I pray that this country can be turned around. I thought being unemployed was going to be a good time to catch up on some projects and learn a few new ones. I have not done anything but clean and look for work. I can not seem to relax long enough to get into any projects I feel so guilty for doing anything enjoyable. I hope you guys can help me get motivated.



This Country Girl said...


I go through times when I am more in the mood to blog than others. Just take a break when you need to do so!

I hope you find a job soon! We weren't home tonight to hear the President, but I have been hearing on the news today about the Stimulus Package and I'm a little concerned about some of the things that are packed in there with it. I wish they could just make it a clear cut package without other things snuck into it!


This Country Girl said...
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Cindy B said...

Donna , the uncertainty of not having work is such a worry for you. I hope you find work soon!
I love the little chest your nanny gave to you! It could be a jeweelry chect, a chest to hold scarves, gloves , hankies, or even a make up chest for the bathroom to hold listick, ect. I love it!

Janene said...

That chest is awesome! How about on the kitchen counter...kind of like an apothcary chest?!
I like the jewelry chest idea too!
The possibilities are endless!
Let us know what you decide!

Heather's Stitches said...

We watched the president last night and are concerned about some of the things he said also.

I hope you find a job soon! i understand the feelings that you are having, my DH is on a contract job which is over in June so we have no idea what the future holds for us at this point.

I think you could paint it black with some knobs that match your bathroom and put it in there to hold make-up on your counter. Please show us what you've decided to do!

My new purse is black, it's the inside which is a nice shade of blue...I love

Leslie said...

I don't know what to tell you about your dresser. How about to hold craft stuff? Do you collect anything or have something that you need a special place to organize it?

Is your unemployment office hiring?! Sounds silly but my friend's MIL went in to collect benefits, found out they were hiring and asked what she needed to do, she took the civil service test and was working in a week! She worked at her other job for ten years and now is being paid more than she was when she was left go and has better benefits! LOL

I get on Jer all of the time...he complains about a few of his workers. They're not really into their job, don't care if they screw up, won't stay after and work OT to finish things up that HAVE to go out. They would rather keep them there than have to re-train someone! I know there are people out there dying for a job that would work and work hard, problem is getting them!

Have a great night!


Happily Ever After said...


I think everyone is feeling the stress in this economy. No job is safe any longer. The Stimulus Package scares me to death. There is so much spencing that isn't necessary to help jump start us right now. I sure hope you find a job real soon.

There are some good ideas for the piece. I like the thought of painting it black, distressing it, adding knobs and using it in the bathroom. I'm anxious to see what you do with it.

Hang in there....