Wednesday, March 25, 2009

1 Month to Go

Hubby has finally finished painting all of upstairs. All I have left to do now is patch any nail/screw holes I have made downstairs. Trust me I have my fair share of those. :) Seems hard to believe that we have been here almost seven years. Time has really flown by. Sad to say it looks like we will be moving out and in with family in a month. I have some packing done but still have a lot left to pack. I guess I will start back up on the packing next week.

I have applied and applied for work everywhere. When I say everywhere I am not exaggerating. I am hoping I will qualify for an unemployment extension. We shall see. Hubby has also applied for unemployment the problem is his job. Ok they lay him off for a week then call him in for a day then lay him off again. I am listing it on unemployment and I guess they will just subtract it from him check. I'm not really sure how that works. I am so trying to keep my faith that some great is going to happen in a month. Maybe Ray or I will get a real job in that time.:)

Just curious where do all of you crafters get your paint and what kind is it? Back when I crafted more I always used craft paint from Michael's/Walmart. I am really starting to like all the cream colors everyone is using with the wax/stain over it. I love the black but I think you can have too much black. 

Sorry no pictures this post.



This Country Girl said...


Sounds like you are making progress in your sprucing up! I'm still hoping and praying that a job comes your way and you get to stay, but whatever happens, God is in control! Hang in there!

My next post I'm going to mention paints because I think that's a question alot of us have! I use the little bottles of craft paint (most of the time) from Hobby Lobby, Michaels or Walmart. I like the Americana or Folk Art brand best, but also use some of the Apple Barrel too. Sometimes I use other things we have on hand from painting the house or furniture though.

Ya'll have a great evening!
Talk to ya later,

Happily Ever After said...

Hi Donna,

I sure hope and pray that within a the next month that a job will come your way. Sometimes it seems so hard to accept those "valleys", but they sure do make you appreciate the "mountain tops" more. Just know that God has a plan. It may seem like this is the worse thing that you may have been through in a long time or ever been through, but there may be a reason for all of this. In my life I often wondered why certain things happened. As time passed and I looked back I could see the blessings in the low times. Just hang in there. May God comfort you.

Blessings to you,


Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Oh Donna, I am so praying something comes along and things turn around. Keeping you in my thoughts.

Susannah said...

Oh Donna.....may the good Lord bless and keep you and may He shine his light down upon you........I am praying for you. You are being very strong. Your family needs that.

Blessing to you and your family.

Carmen said...

You are always in my thoughts and prayers Donna, hang in there! I just get the craft paints I use from walmart, they're cheap and work fine:)

Leslie said...

I am so sorry that nothing has come up for you! I hope things turn around. A month can fly right by but a lot can happen in that time, too.

My paint is a mixture. I buy craft paint, mostly in the Apple Barrel paints because they're cheapest but I also use wall paint. Many times I buy a gallon or quart to do something and when it's left over, I use it all over the house until it's gone. I also mix paints to get colors that I want or need. I pretty much use what is on hand unless I just have to buy something.

Have a great day! Thinking of you...