Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring is in the Air?

It may be sunny but it's not warm. Well, to me it isn't. I have an under active thyroid so I have a tendency to be cold nature. So in case you didn't know I love Summer. The warmer the better. I went outside and clipped a few branches off my bush to help bring a little Spring inside. The bush should become fuller in the next few days but I couldn't wait and stole a few small branches.

I was hoping to have some scrapbook pages to share with you all BUT I never got around to scrap booking. I pulled out all my stuff and on the table it still sits. If you have ever scrap booked you will know the hardest part is pulling out all the stuff and putting it back. It's so worth it when you finish a book. On that note I did decide to share one of my completed books. I just took a few pictures of my book to share with you. Maybe I should say Jessica's book. This is actually from her Graduation Party in 2007.

This is the first album I have had personalized and it's very pretty. This picture does it no justice. I chose daises because that's what we had on the tables as center pieces. My next door neighbor Susan did all of the party designing. I just told her what I wanted and she did the rest. We sent Jessica away until time for the party so she could see it all when it was done. 

This what you saw when you walked up our drive way. We were pushed for time in the end and all of my great neighbors pitched in to help us get it all done before Jessica arrived. Ok remember earlier I said the warmer the better. This day it was so hot. I thought we were going to sweat to death!

This is just a few pictures of the children enjoying the pool. I think I may miss that pool more than I thought.

Here is Abby she had to get in on the fun also. My friend Donna bought this for Abby to wear and Abby kept it on.


Here are the grads enjoying the Hokey Pokey.


Oh then there was was the Cha Cha Slide and The Twist. Everyone got in on the fun.


Susan purchased this for Jessica's party Everyone had their picture taken in it that night. It was a huge hit with the adults also.

Here are a few pictures of the decorations. Jessica's cake was actually a collage of her and her friend through high school. My friend Donna put it together and we had Ukrop's a local grocery store add it as an edible image. They make the best cakes!


Here is Jessica with all her balloons from the party. On Jessica's 18th birthday Susan came over while we were gone and loaded our living room with balloons. Jessica loves balloons. Anyway there were so many so I said Jessica take them outside and let them go but before you do make a wish. Funny but her wish came true so we did the same thing again at her party. Once again her wish came true. I also had everyone sign a scrapbook page so Jessica could always remember who was there.

The last page is a very special page.

Jessica graduated the same year as the VA Tech shootings. A former graduate from Jessica's school was killed that day. As the speaker at graduation spoke he reminded us all of that day and how we should never take anything for granted. You just never know what tomorrow will bring.We had no idea how much those words meant at the moment. This picture was taken the night of graduation. This is my Nanny that I always speak about. She died less than 24 hours after these pictures were taken. We had no idea this would be the last pictures she would ever take. She will be forever missed.

I have also scrap booked Jessica a book for all her school years. I also have these pictures in that book as well as my own book. 

Oh Jessica's first wish was to get into Longwood and her second wish was to get financial assistance. Well, some of that assistance came from me but her wishes came true.



Susan said...

That's very nice. Thanks for sharing. I love to scrapbook but haven't done it in along time.

Carmen said...

Oh Donna! Your scrapbooking skills FAR excede mine, what beautiful pages! What a precious gift from your nanny to be able to leave you with those precious last photos! I have a book for my son I started when he was born and I will finish it with his wedding photos, I havent worked on it in a couple years though, I really need to get on that:) Oh,I Love miss Abby in her tutu/hula dress!

This Country Girl said...


Yay! I finally get to see some of your scrapbooking pages! It makes me want to work on mine, except I know exactly what you mean about getting it all out! That's what keeps me from getting pages done, actually. If I don't have a pretty good span of time, then I don't want to drag it all out! Maybe this summer....when we don't have school during the day and dance in the evening!

You're very talented in your scrapbooking. I like the fact that you notice the pictures and they take center stage and not all the embellishments!

What a great graduation party you all gave Jessica! She has lots of great memories and you have preserved them for her!

Abby looks darling!

Have a great evening! Hope it feels like spring there soon!


Happily Ever After said...

Hi Donna,

You have done a great job on your book. It's been a couple of years since I have completed any scrapbooking, but after looking at your pics makes me want to get my stuff out.

Thanks for sharing.


~Sarah~All Roads Lead Home~ said...

Donna....your scrapbooks are just wonderful. And what special keepsakes they are... for so many reasons. Thank you for sharing them. I am hoping for warmer weather soon too...today I was chilled to the bone. I love your header picture...that bunny is so sweet! Take care. ~Sarah~

Kath said...

Hi Donna,
Loved goin through your scrapbook w/ya :) Beautifully done!
What wonderful & SPECIAL memories.
I know what you mean about getting all the stuff out and putting it all back...that's why I haven't done any s/booking lately!!
Your fresh cut Forsythia looks so springy-sure wish I had some to cut and bring in...we don't even have anything in bud yet, up this way!!

Thanks for sharing your special book of memories with us!

Enjoy your day!