Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Remember when I won Janae's blog contest I loved everything. Janae does some great work if you get a chance stop by her new store She has some great prim bunnies and seed sacks. I just love everything I won!

There were so many great things in the contest I actually made a few groupings from everything.

This is actually in my bay window in the kitchen. I love the sign and prim bunny.

This was my Nanny's sewing machine. I opened it up and placed the seed sack and stitchery Janae made. The photo is my Nanny when she was a school girl in 1927. It's one of my favorite pictures of her.

My friend Amy just gave me this cute little star basket which looks great on top of the candle mat. The candle pan and votive fit perfect inside. Janae is so talented. I know I've said it before but I loved everything. 

If you ever get the chance check out some of the blog stores. There are so many talented ladies on here. This is one of the best places to buy American made products!

Last but not least I took this picture of Eleni today after school. She catches the bus at 6:30 AM so by 3PM she is exhausted as you can tell by the picture. :)



Carmen said...

Donna, what great stuff you got, I LOVE the window display with the bunny! Your daughter looks so cozy there and love how your lil' fur baby felt the need to nap with her! My dog NEVER passes up the chance to nap with someone, LOL!

Susan said...

Congratulations on winning the goodies. That was a great giveaway!

Janene said...

Janae does such an awesome job with her creations. And the ones that you won are great!
That pic of your daughter is hilarious...she looks truly exhausted!

Kath said...

Love how you've displayed your goods! Janae does do awesome work, I love everything she makes!
I love your bay window display.
Eleni (and her buddy) look quite comfy!! :)

Have a wonderful day, Donna!


Raggedy Angel said...

Great winnings...that window is the perfect place for that sign!
Does your daughter know you posted that picture? LOL Beth

CozyCoops Corner said...

Oh your daughter look so tired !I love where you put everything ! It all looks great Donna ! Have a wonderful day !:-)

This Country Girl said...


Janae's goodies look great displayed in your home! I especially love your bay window display!

Eleni looks so tired and cute sleeping upside down! Oh to sleep that well and anywhere! :)

I'm really so glad you won those goodies!


Katy said...

rofl! That last pic cracks me up! Toooo funny! :)
You asked about the dishcloths on my blog :).....
If you go to can sign up for an account there for free. Do you have a paypal account? And then you will be able to purchase the cloths!!!!!! Thanks so much Donna!!!! I am going to be knitting more to add as well! :)