Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What Relaxes You?

I have been so stressed lately. This past weekend I chose to do something I loved and relaxes me the most. That is scrap booking. I just love looking back and enjoying the memories that pictures hold in time for us. I decided to update Eleni's school scrapbook. I had only done k through 1st grade. So this weekend I worked all day Saturday and Sunday after Church on her book. I did 2nd through 6th. Now I just have to complete 7th and 8th grade and I will be up to date. :) The only thing I hate about scrap booking is pulling out all the stuff and then putting it away.

I had stuff all over the kitchen. The sad part is this is only some of my stuff.

Seems so hard to believe that Eleni is now in the 9th grade. They grow up so fast.

This is one of my favorite pages. One of our scrapbook friends teaches at a near by college. She teaches child development classes. We get to go there from time to time and use the die cuts. I love when we go there I save all my scrap paper for when we do get to go and I stock up. I just love this Dr. Seuss hat. 

So what do you like to do to help you relax? Thanks to all of you who stop by and leave me such great comments.



This Country Girl said...

First of all, Donna, let me say that I loved looking at the scrapbook pages! Good for you for working on them!

Scrapbooking doesn't relax me. I wish it did...I would do it as much as possible. I think I get too uptight making decisions and like you said, getting it all out! But...I love to do it! What relaxes me? I guess that would be sitting in my recliner with a decorating magazine. Then of course, I love massages and the not-so-often times in my jacuzzi!

Thanks for sharing! I can't believe you got that much accomplished! I'm very impressed!


Kath said...

Oh your pages look great Donna!
I love to scrapbook too, but it sure doesn't relax me...LOL...the mess alone drives me crazy! Getting it all out, then having to put it all back-that's why I hardly ever do it! Maybe if I had an actual "craft area" it would be relaxing?
Soaking in a hot bath relaxes me, and so does my gardening...I can't wait till the weather get nice here!!!
Thanks for sharing, loved seeing your pages!

Have a great day.
hugs, Kath

Janene said...

Your scrapbook pages look great! That is something I have never tried...scrapbooking!
I am with Tammy...I love to relax in a quiet room and go through decorating magazines! I get so relaxed dreaming about how great my home would look when I decorate like the pics!

Heather's Stitches said...

I've never scrapbooked before, all my pics are in boring albums..I do love to pick up a good book and get lost in it, reading relaxes me!

CozyCoops Corner said...

The pages are great Donna! I used to like scrapbooking, but coming up with the layouts for pages stresses me a bit! I still loved doing it though. I'd say what relaxes me is a nice cup of coffee and a magazine. :-) Have a good day!

Carmen C. said...

Those pages are awesome, love the big hat! What relaxes me is making candles, I can't be rushed though or that ruins it! I love to have all day to just play around with it:)

One Prim Girl said...

Your scrapbooking pages are awesome! As for what I do to relax, what does relax mean? lol Just kidding but as you can see I dont relax much, but I guess I would have to say laying in bed watching a good movie with the family, although that never turns out good either sometimes since everyone starts talking.

Other than that, I have fun surfing the net and reading blogs and getting such great inspiration from them.

Leslie said...

That's why I craft, too :) It's my release, my thing for me. I find time every day to work on something because it brings me such joy :) But I also enjoy spending time with the family. I even like taking care of them but shhhh don't tell them or they'll take advantage :)

Have a great day!


Lauren said...

Great pages! I love the Dr. Seuss one:) I used to scrapbook...I have a lot of supplies stored away, including ones to make one for our wedding and our DisneyWorld honeymoon. Someday I'll finish them..I hope!

In terms of crafting, I like to stitch to relax. But I think more than anything, listening to music relaxes me. Like others, magazine reading is great too! Hope you have a great, and relaxing day:)

Kindra said...

I'm quite the bum...I like to just veg out and watch t.v. to relax. Or I love naps. :)