Thursday, March 5, 2009

What a Great Day!!!!!

 Today my friend Donna who was also my old boss came by. We went to our old job to visit those who are left. I really didn't want to go because it makes me so sad because I still miss everyone. I was so happy I went. I was able to see some of the great people I worked with everyday. I still miss them but I think the visit finally gave me closure. I was able to see our old department which is now a storage room. I realize the good ol' days are now in the past and it's time to move on. That job will always hold a special place in my heart and I have nothing but great memories. Donna, Tony (mail man at work) and I went to have lunch and play catch up. It was a beautiful day and the sun was warm as well as my heart. I hope when I do get that new job I work with people as wonderful as I did there. Anthony my other co-worker didn't join us today but he was missed.

This is Tony our building mail man. He always greeted us with a smile. He  says he reads my blog. So Tony if you are reading this you will always hold a special place in my heart and you will always be my BFF!

Here is Donna and Anthony my co-workers. I really miss them a lot. They were my family at work. I know Donna reads my blog. So Donna you know that we were friends before work and we will continue to be friends. I know our friendship will only continue to grow! You not only gave me a job you gave me great memories and great friends. Your friendship means more to me than you will ever know! 


To all my blog buddies Thanks for sticking by me these past few months.  Tammy  over at thanks for getting me started and for helping me meet so many great people. 



Janene said...

Closure is good!
Staying friends with those who mean a lot to you is better!
Have me post the first comment is...Priceless!

CozyCoops Corner said...

I'm glad you had a good day and a nice visit with your friends !

Susan said...

Looks like you had a nice visit today with your friends/co-workers.

donna said...

No job will ever be the same as it was there! I know I will never enjoy working with someone like I enjoyed working with you! I know we will always be friends (and "family")! You were a big part of my life at work and an even bigger part now! No matter what I will be there for you!

country gal said...


I'm sure visiting with your friends make you feel better. I think if I visit with my faraway loved ones-and pets-I will feel better too. After visiting with them you always feel that since they're happy, you're happy.

Love, Joy =D

Stellar Creations said...

It's nice that you were able to visit with your friends and continue the bond you built.. hopefully you will expand your friendship in your next job, we can never have too many friends.

Thank you for your kind words and the hug on my blog about my mothers dress, I cherish both. It was an emotional day but all in all I know my mother would be proud to know my daughter has chosen to honor her grandmother and wear her dress for her own wedding.. so it's a good thing. I just wasn't prepared for the emotional rollercoaster I went on as I opened the box containing her dress. Thank you for bearing with me.


Katy said...

hey!!! Thanks for your comment about my etsy shop! I think with all the encouragement I just may start one and I will be more than happy to make you some dishcloths!!! :)