Saturday, March 14, 2009

Faithful Fridays a day late. :)

 I wanted to participate in Joy's Faithful Fridays. I wanted to say I am so thankful for the blessing I have received lately. Today I was blessed with an interview at a chiropractic's office. There were a lot of things that seemed great about the job but a few things that were not. It required you to travel for seminars and they didn't offer insurance. I don't like to be far away from home. I always worry something could happen to Ray and I won't be able to get to him. Then there is the insurance issue. We desperately need insurance. I am thankful for the interview and that I was blessed with the experience. I am trying not to take anything for granted and learning to appreciate everything I am blessed with.
If you would like to participate on Friday's go on over to Joy's blog and let her know you're interested. She is a very sweet young lady wise beyond her years. I also wanted to thank her for my new award.


This Country Girl said...


Hey Donna,

Joy will be excited to come home tomorrow and find that you participated in Faithful Fridays.

I know it's hard when you seem to have a lead (a prayer answered so it seems anyway) and then it has drawbacks. I'll pray you have peace about what to do. There are also times when there's something even better around the corner.


Janene said...

I am happy to hear about your interview, yet I am sad to hear about the lack of insurance and the traveling.
I am not one to travel away from family either, so I completly understand.
Keep the faith and I am sure that something will come along that will be perfect for you!

Happily Ever After said...

Hey Donna,

Just have faith. There is something better for you waiting in the wings.


Kath said...

Hi Donna,
Happy ya got that interview, if this one came about....then someting else will come up too that is just "meant to be"'ll see ;)
Have a Happy St. Patty's day!