Wednesday, January 21, 2009

All in the Name

When I decided I wanted to start a blog the hardest part was coming up with a name that wasn't already taken.  My daughter Jessica wanted me to use basket case but it was already taken. Some days I am a basket case but I also love baskets. So we played around with words and came up with ~Never So Simple~ because nothing is ever simple here. Losing my job not only meant losing that second income but it also meant losing our health insurance. I couldn't afford cobra it cost more a month than what I receive from unemployment. I had no choice but to let it end.  My husband takes 1o different meds a day 3 of which are to prevent rejection. One of his meds alone cost over a thousand dollars a month. We went to the hospital and applied for financial assistance only to be told we have too much money coming in with my husband working. We are living pay check to pay check as it is and then you want to add a thousand dollar prescription. We have filled out applications for drug assistance from the drug manufacturers but we are still waiting to hear back from them. If we can't get some help and soon we will be forced to move out of our home because we will have to pick between paying the rent or buying his meds. I know there are many others out there like us. I think it's so sad we live in a Country that will not give you help when you are trying to help yourself. I asked them what are we supposed to do I didn't choose to lose my job or choose to lose my health insurance only to be told I am sorry there are a lot of people out there just like you. Sad part is if my husband loses his kidney then they will be right there giving him any and everything. I'd rather lose my home than to see him back on a dialysis machine. As I said nothing in my life seems simple and that's how Jessica and I came up with the name. Simple or not I will not let this beat us we will figure it out. I just hope that if our Country is going to change it will make sure people can afford health insurance and their meds without losing their homes and life savings. I know we have been blessed in the past and I take nothing for granted especially this blog I have to vent on. :) Thanks for listening.



Janene said...

Donna~ Vent away! We all need to do it!
I hope something better comes out of this administration to help people with the cost of health insurance and the cost of medication!
I'm thinking of you and praying that things get better for you!

Leslie said...

A lot of things in this world do not make sense. You're hubby could quit and sit at home and they would give you all of the help you need, too but they punish the people that try to help themselves a little and barely make it. It's VERY wrong!



Kath said...

Hi Donna,
nothin's ever simple anymore, that's for sure!
I sure hope everything improves...SOON!

Keepin ya in my thoughts-Kath