Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My THREE Hutches

I am happy to say Eleni received a 90 on her project. She lost points because her presentation was not long enough. I'm ok with that because she wrote it all by herself and I think she learns more when I don't help with the writing.

Now on to my three hutches. I guess that's what you would call them. I have a favorite crafter that comes to VA from PA and I love their work. So all three came from the same people. I bought the first stained hutch for my Boyd's Bears  which was for my living room. I bought the smaller white washed hutch for the kitchen. As time passed my collection grew and  I needed another hutch. My intentions were to buy a matching stained hutch. They had some but the color stain didn't match. So I bought the one I fell in-love with. Now at the time DH was not happy because I was to buy a match or two of something new. Well, two of something new didn't fit into my budget. So I bought the blue hutch and was going to paint the stained hutch to match. Hubby would never let me paint scared I would mess it up. :) This was about 6 years ago. I have since down sized my Boyd's collection. When my Nanny passed away in 2007 I inherited her curio clock which now houses my bears. So I have decided to sell one of the hutches.  The stained hutch matches my table somewhat  but I would love to stain my table darker and paint the legs black. The white washed hutch I think I would like to paint maybe a  distressed red or black with the bead board still stained. I'm not sure just yet what I will do with it . Then there is my blue hutch that I just love. I think it looks the most prim out of the three.  

I decided to sell the stained hutch and I already have a potential buyer. :) As I said yesterday I am trying to simplify and down size some. I still have two other pieces of furniture from these same crafters they just don't have a hutch on top. I have a bottom like the white washed and a bottom like the blue. I want to pain those also when it gets warmer. 
This is the clock I inherited. Well, I guess you would say no one wanted it so I claimed it. I love it because it was my Nanny's but most of all the bears don't get as dusty behind the glass. 


Anonymous said...

All 3 of your hutches are lovely.
As a middle age empty nester and an RN working part time I find myself
just busy enough.
Pamela from OH

Kath said...

I love your hutches too!
I think the blue one is my fav! :)
Boy- you really have quite a collection of Boyd's Bears!!
Happy to hear Eleni did so well on her report!!!
Good for her!

Have a great day, Donna!


Heather's Stitches said...

YAY, Glad to hear that Eleni did great!

I love your dining room set, so nice! You do have alot of Boyd's Bears there, How long have you been collecting?


Janene said...

Oh Donna! I love all of them! How could you part with any of them?
I also love the grandfather clock...How could anyone not want it?
Ugh so many questions and no answers...the story of my life!

This Country Girl said...


Now that's quite a collection of Boyd Bears!

You know I love all your hutches, but I do have to say that if I have to pick a favorite...it's the blue one! It looks great with your dining table (I love that whole look)!

I'm glad to hear Eleni did well on her project!

Have a great day!