Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Daddy's Girl (girls)

We have been so busy since Christmas.  We also had company from out of town the past two weekends. So you can only imagine how exhausted we all were. Sunday when our guests left we curled up with blankets and watched It's a Wonderful Life. Eleni curled up with Dad on the couch and Abby decided it looked comfy and climbed on. Here is what my living room looks like normally. Yesterdays blog showed everything in it's place and everyone gone. :)



I must confess I also dozed off in the chair. I love a lazy Sunday.



This Country Girl said...

Now, that is absolutely precious (and pricless)! Glad you got those photos! You'll treasure those!

I love lazy Sunday afternoons too!


Kath said...

Awh...how sweet & special--ya don't get many photo ops like that!! :)
Great pics!

Have a great day!

Janene said...

There is nothing sweeter than a Daddy falling asleep snuggling his daughter...and then the dog!
I love having a lazy cozy Sunday nap...it is so refreshing!

Leslie said...

Thanks for the compliments :) I'm here every day and since I made most of my stuff, sometimes I don't see what others do, so it's great hearing others opinions. Gives me a little boost that I need sometimes :)

I'm sure your bathrooms can be done in an amazing way, too. When I started, I thought my bathroom would never compare to others on the web. I looked through lots of inspiration pics and then got to work. It takes time, though. I don't just go out and buy everything now. I found each piece over time and changed out things I didn't like as much. One step at a time :)

My signs over my windows....the green one says "Love Grows Best in Little Houses" and the red is "The most important things in life, aren't things"...my favorite saying. I want to drop the top rods down just a tad so you can see the signs a bit better. We'll see!

Have a great day :)