Monday, January 5, 2009

My Long Living Room and Mantel

Well, I hope that everyone had a Happy New Year. I haven't blogged in so long I almost forgot how. I have seen on several blogs that a lot of people have been sick you can include me in the group. This is actually the first day in about a week I have felt somewhat like my old self. It started Christmas with the sniffles and I was really tired. Then it turned into a full blown nasty cold. I couldn't sleep for coughing. I still have the cough and my voice will come and go but other than that I feel OK. I'm just happy to be blogging.

My living room seems so much larger with the tree and decorations down. Although I miss the lights I also like having things back to somewhat normal. My living room is so long. We have a fireplace that takes up most of the wall and the other wall has two doorways. One to enter the kitchen and the other to enter from the foyer. Then on the other walls are windows. It's a little difficult to arrange because of the monster TV. I think I did OK considering. My biggest dilemma is the eight foot mantel. I would love for someone to come decorate it for me. I have changed it a million times and I don't think I have ever liked it. 

I have tried pictures, baskets, and nothing seems to make me happy. Everyone always comments on how much they like the fireplace but I think it's missing that WOW factor.

Abby thinks she is a cat she likes to sit on the back of the chair and watch out the window.

Here is the monster TV not very primitive is it? It's my husbands pride and joy. So what's a girl to do. He let's me decorate like I want and I work around his TV. I have pictures of my children to hang on the blank walls just haven't gotten around to it. I had to move things around to make room for Christmas. Well, if you have any mantel ideas I am open but don't forget I'm still unemployed and my decorating is down to a real tight budget.



Janene said...

Donna~I am in love with your fireplace...Can the tv be mounted on the wall above the fireplace?
That is where we have ours, and it frees up alot of floor space!
Isn't it funny how we are always looking to improve our space? Everyone's always looks better than ours!
I would take that fireplace anytime your willing to give it up!

Kath said...

Well Hello, Donna!
Ok-you can call me "slow"...cuz...I just now realized you had a blog!!!
I LOVE that fireplace! LOVE IT! :)

Glad I found ya...


This Country Girl said...


I agree with everyone else! That is a really nice fireplace! I love it! The first thing I could imagine there (since you asked) was different crocks on both sides of the star....then down there on the left side of the hearth a big crock of some sort with some tall twigs or twigs with berries. You could also add some berries in some of the crocks.

Do you like birdhouses? I could see those there too. Gosh, just about anything would look great there! (Now you're going to have me looking around at magazines for something to put on your mantle...I won't be able to get it out of my head)! lol!

I know what you mean about budgets though. Sometimes I'd rather just make a list of what I want, and wait until I can get what I want...a piece at a time.

Your home is lovely, Donna!


Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

What a great living room...Love the curtains and fireplace especially.