Friday, January 16, 2009

Eight Years Ago

These are pictures of my husband Ray. These were taken this past summer when we went to visit his brother in South Carolina. Ray is enjoying this Friday afternoon blowing bubbles with his nephew Kyle.

This time eight years ago my husband was at dialysis. Where he spent every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon for 4 hours. That is until January 16th 2001. It was Monday the 15th and I received the call saying Ray needed to get to the hospital they had a match. Ray was at dialysis so they called him there to make sure he wanted it. I will never forget how happy I was I remember crying tears of joy. I was calling everyone and spreading the news. It seemed like dialysis took forever that day to end. We took the girls to my Mom's and off we went. They had him prepped and ready first thing the next morning. I can still see them putting that  cooler on his bed as they wheeled him down. The kidney worked right away and knock on wood is still working. You just never know how much being an organ donor can change someones  life. If it weren't for that donor my husband wouldn't have been able to sit and just blow bubbles on a Friday afternoon. He has been blessed with a wonderful gift.


Boy it's really cold outside. I'm going to be going out of town for the weekend to my friends river house. A group of us go to get away and scrapbook. We all bring food to share so we don't really have to cook and we just relax all weekend. I've had a few stressful days this week and I really could use a break. I hope you all stay warm and have a nice weekend.



Kath said...

Oh what a wonderful post, Donna! You & Ray are so blessed... and being an OD is a gift--for others and their families! I am happy to be an OD-have been since I can ever remember-it just feels 'right'!

Your get away sounds so FUN!! Enjoy your time w/your friends!


Janene said...

Donna! That is so wonderful....It truly is a blessing and a miracle!
I have been an OD since getting my license when I was 16!
I hope all people are!
Enjoy your relaxing a wonderful thing, to get away, when you are stressed!

In His service, Anne said...

What a blessing. thanks for sharing that great story. I hope you have a great getaway! Wish i was going, sounds great!!

This Country Girl said...

Hi Donna,

What a wonderful uplifting post! Your family has alot for which to be thankful! It makes you never take things for granted, I'm sure! I, too, am an organ donor. I figure I won't be needing them when I go, I'll have a brand new body and be in a better place and why not give what I can to help someone else, right?

I hope you have lots of fun this weekend, alot of relaxation, and get lots of scrapbooking accomplished! Wish I could go with you!


I hope you

This Country Girl said...

Excuse my last three words on the post...evidently I started typing something before and didn't delete it before I hit post!


vwestermeyer said...

What a great post. My mom is a renal transplant patient - she received the phone call 30 years ago this March!

Enjoy the getaway!!

Mom in Sahuaritaville said...

What an inspiring post!