Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The S Challenge

Tammy over at countrygirlathome was challenged to write 10 things she loves that begin with the letter H. She said if anyone wanted to try to let her know and she would pick a letter. Well, it looked like fun so I thought I would play. My letter was S. So here is my list.
  1. Summer - It's my favorite time of year. 
  2. Surprises - I love getting something for no reason
  3. Stars - That might have to be in a separate blog. I love stars. 
4. Scrap booking - It's my favorite hobby and I have plenty to do. I'm having a hard time getting motivated these days.
5. Sleeping in - I love having teens because they like to sleep. Which means Mama gets to sleep in some days.
6. Spending time alone with Ray - I miss my children being young but the advantages of them being older are also nice.
7. Steaks on the grill
8. South Carolina
9. Sidewalk Parties - I live in a great neighborhood. When the weather is nice we seem to all congregate in the yards and hang out. The adults catch up and the children run from yard to yard playing.
10. Swimming Pool - We have a nice pool out back and I love to just sit by the pool and relax. 
I didn't stop at 10 so here are a few more.
11. Snowmen
13. Sundays
14. Soaking in a hot tub
15. Sweet Tea
16. Squash
17. Soup
18. Spaghetti
19. Salad
Last but not Least
20. Sitting at my computer blogging. 
This was a lot of fun thanks Tammy. If your up to the challenge go visit her blog I'm sure she would love to give you a letter.


This Country Girl said...

Wow, Donna, you did a "Super" job! :) I loved so many of the same things....surprises, stars, scrapbooking, sleeping in, spending time with hubby, snowmen, Sundays.....Great job! Thanks for participating!

Love, Tammy

basketsnprims said...

Donna ~
I'm new to your blog but am going to have to join in on the fun over at Tammy's. Have a wonderful day.


Kath said...

Hi Donna-
Enjoyed reading your "s" challenge! ;)
I love a lot of the same things...

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!