Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Grandma's Quilt

Several years ago I asked my Mom could I have my Grandma's quilt. My intentions were to hang it  some way. I'm not sure what this quilt is stuffed with but my gosh it's heavy. I couldn't find anything strong enough to hold it. It stayed in a chest for a long time.  Until we moved here that is. This house is great other than the fact it's very drafty and dusty. I was about to go to bed one very cold night and I noticed my hubby all curled up in the bed with Grandma's quilt. I informed it wasn't for use but just looks. He quickly told me to get under the covers and decide for my self. It's so heavy it traps the heat in and you can hardly turn over because of it's weight. All I can say is Grandma's quilt has become a comfort on those cold nights. It's old and needs some repairs but my gosh is it ever warm. My Mom can look at it and tell you where every piece of material came from. They sure don't make them like that anymore!

No matter where I go Abby is right behind me. Sometimes I think I should have named her Shadow. Here is Abby waiting for me to finish taking pictures and there is Ms. Pretty waiting for us to turn the lights back off. I think we disturbed her nap. Abby likes to think she is hiding sometimes. Every since we got her as a pup she hasn't figured out  how to hide all of herself. 

Animals you gotta love them there like our other children.



Heather's Stitches said...

I Love that quilt!! it does look so warm, CHerish it always!


Kath said...

Oh Donna, that quilt is gorgeous!! Don't ya just love the "old" quilts...and especially "grandma's old quilts" :)
I have one that I got after my Gram's passing, it was my great grandmother''s very very old and tattered...I have my hangin on a quilt crane.


This Country Girl said...

I do love that quilt, Donna! I know EXACTLY the feeling you're talking about. There's nothing quite like that heavy quilt feeling enveloping you on a cold night! It's hard to beat a quilt on a cold night! I love yours!


Leslie said...

I love the quilt :) I have three hanging on the ladder in my living room (You may have seen them in my photos) that all were made by my Great Grandmother! They're not my fav Prim colors but I don't care. My Gran gave me the pink one years ago because we were living in Jer's brother's basement and it was COLD at night. It really kept us warm. The poor thing needs work done but I just folded it and hid the bad parts.

I have a shadow, too. Although, Ruger is not quite under my feet like he used to be. He sleeps with the kids at night, takes turns and he seems to not be soo attached to me now. I don't care. It makes the kids happy :)