Friday, January 9, 2009

One of Those Days

Today has been one of those days where I feel blah. I have been really missing my job, my friends and co-workers. We used to have such a good time at work laughing and cutting up. I miss that everyday adult conversation. Although I usually hear from most of my friends through the week it's not the same as seeing them. All of my friends have lost their jobs that aren't in the educational or medical field. It's so sad because there just doesn't seem to be any work out there, and if there is a job there are so many people trying for that same job the odds of getting it are slim to none. I spend most of my days online emailing and job searching. Everything is done online now even unemployment. It's easier but not very personable so it's up to you to sell yourself via email or cover letter. I hope things get better but I am worried it's going to take longer than any of us anticipated. 

I have decided to get all my pictures organized. When I was a stay at home Mom I was very organized. Boy having a job really did interfere with my free time. :) I am a scrap booker and I love it but you have to be organized. I had over 100 pictures from Christmas not to mention a ton of old pictures scanned onto my computer. I sat down last night and uploaded them all onto Walgreen's web site. They are running a great special so I figured I would get them developed. I need to finish up some projects. Then maybe I will be organized again.

This weekend is planned for me seems I have to help Eleni with her History project. She has to do a poster board on Artemis a Greek Goddess.  We have everything printed out now to get her motivated into writing her paragraph and putting it all together. Hopefully she will cooperate and get it done sooner than later. I have great girls but they both are procrastinators. Well, if I don't get to posts this weekend I hope everyone has a safe and blessed weekend.



Janene said...

Donna~Just look at all the things that you can get caught up on now that you are home!
Make lemonade out of lemons!
We are always here to chat with you to wile your hours away!
Have a great weekend...And I hope you hear something soon!

Heather's Stitches said...

I too used to wait till the last minute to do any of my homework, used to drive my dad batty!!

My DH just found a new job but it's an hour away from here and he leaves before any one is up in the morning and comes home very late..We are looking forward to the weekend just so he can see the kids.

Hang in there, We hope that it does get better real soon for the USA.

Kath said...

Hang in there girl...hopefully things will get better SOON!
It's got to...!
We have to think POSITIVE! :)

Good luck with getting that homework done girls ;)

Have a great weekend


This Country Girl said...


I would love to see some of scrapbook pages! Maybe you could show us some favorites on a post or two?

I do hope you find a job soon! But there is always something good in everything...sometimes you just have to look a little harder - don't you?

Good luck on that project with Eleni...sounds like my Colt!

What kind of special is Walgreens running? I need to get some prints done but have so many that I need an EXCELLENT price!

Have a great weekend!

Cindy B said...

I retired last year...getting called in prn ( I am a nurse and you are right..there is always work as nurse , CNA or other medical emplyee jobs.) When home I was at first a sorts of what I should be doing..I was going to organize my pictures a year ago!LOL I bought the alblums last week, so that is a start! Thanks for stopping by my blog...blogging is such a great opportunity in meeting new friends.

Linda said...

HI Donna, When I first left my job in 05, I too had a hard time missing the day to day socialization but I decided I needed to make the best of it. Now, I have met so many great people blogging and I have so much time for what I want. I hope in time, you find many ways to fufill that space in your heart.

big city prims said...

Not that this will make you feel any better, but nurses are starting to get laid off here in Philly. Gotta hope that things turn around soon and that we all have the strength to hold on until they do, because it will get better.

Lauren said...

Donna..don't get too down! God has the perfect job planned for you; you just have to wait on his timing. I know that can be hard, but be patient and faithful, and you will get a wonderful job I am sure:)

For you question about the husband and I went through one-by-one and said keep or toss. Basically anything we didn't love, or something we don't care to see again, we got rid of. To confess something, though, the collection isn't thinned as much as is needs to be. We have a HUGE collection of children's movies from us growing up as well as some newer ones we've bought...just for Noah. So until he's old enough to watch them and have an opinion about them, the whole collection will be bigger than I'd like.

Hope that helped!

Leslie said...

I'm sorry that you're feeling down. I'm sure something will work out in time, just keep your chin up. Stay busy and keep searching and something will come your way.

Jer and I talk a lot about some of the guys he works with. They don't care about their jobs, think they can just get another one. It's just a job to them and they don't care if they do crappy work. It's very sad because I think there are people out there that are willing to work and would do anything for that chance, however, Jer says they're too busy to worry about training new guys.....sad, huh?

I'm adding you to my Blog Roll right after this. I added you to my Followers List but I don't check blogs that way and I forget to come here. If you're on my roll, I'll read every day when you update :)

The Dad actually found that in an old barn. Years ago he was without his driver's license...DUI...and he ended up helping the Amish out that lived by my grandparents (He could just catch a ride with them). The Amishman tears down old barns and buildings and recycles the wood to build new houses with old barn wood beams and such. Anyway, my Dad found all sorts of treasures in the old barns. (It's too bad he didn't share, huh? Most of his treasures are all still boxed up!). Dad gave me that saw thinking I could paint a scene on it. He wanted me to paint my grandparents old barn, really. I can paint but not that type so I never got around to it. The saw laid in the trunk of my car for a long time and then I claimed it as my own. (Bad of me, huh?) and it's been hanging on my wall ever since. It's all rusted and pitted but I sprayed it with clear sealer and I enjoy it :)

Have a great rest of your weekend!