Thursday, January 22, 2009


Ray went back to the hospital today and he got his meds and was told he was approved by the drug manufacture. Not sure how long but thankful for any help we can get. I am just so happy I don't have to worry about this for awhile and hopefully a job with benefits is around the corner. I am just thankful God heard our prayers and answered them. 



Cindy B said...

what a relief this must be for you both! I know my meds are a fortune without fact i wouldn't be able to afford i do know what a blessing this is! thanks for visitng my blog! Cindy, Illinois

This Country Girl said...

That's great news, Donna! God is so good! That's the 2nd prayer answered I've heard about in the last 30 minutes! Now for the job...I'm still praying!


Janene said...

That is such wonderful news!
That should be such a relief for you both!
Enjoy a stress free weekend!

Kath said...

Hi Donna-
That's so great!
May 'happy news' and blessings keep on comin your way, girl!!! :)


Heather's Stitches said...

great News!! What a Blessing!


In His service, Anne said...

Thats wonderful, my hubby and I were just talking lastnight about the high costs of health/dental insurance. God Bless