Friday, January 30, 2009

*** Seeing Stars ***

I have collected a lot of things over the years. Some I still have and some are a thing of the past. One thing that hasn't changed is my love of stars. I started collecting stars about 10 years ago. Some I no longer have but I still have a nice collection.  This picture is actually the header picture on my blog. The stars are actually ornaments I bought over 6 years ago. 

This star over the shelf is in my utility room. When you walk in my back door this is the first thing you see. 

This is the biggest star I own. It's on the wall over my mantel. I have plans to paint it black when the weather warms up.

This is my lamp that has all my favorites stars, crow, and a willow tree. I found this little crock at a craft show and had to have it because of the star.

I also like plates here are a few of my favorites that also have stars on them. 

I love my basket tree. It not only has a star on the top but it also holds my patriotic baskets.
Here is a cute little star I have in my kitchen window.
My place mats that match my curtains. Sorry I didn't make these I bought them.

This popcorn popper and candle holder  are a few of my older pieces. I love the stars on them. I took the candle out so you could see the star.

These are 3 of my favorite stars. They are my star baskets. I just love them.

I have this basket hanging in my bedroom. I fell in-love with it and it had a star.

I actually have two of these star holders. One is in my foyer the other in my half bath. They look just alike and so do the grubby candles hanging from them. I ran out of ideas to make them look different. Maybe I will paint one black.

Last but not least. My patriotic Boyd's Bears. They are loaded with stars.

Are you seeing stars yet? Even I didn't realize just how many I had until I started taking pictures. I have a lot of little stars for ornaments but they are already packed away. I'm always on the hunt for more to had to my collection.



This Country Girl said...

You do have quite a collection of stars! I'm the same way...I just love them! I didn't set out to do it...I was just drawn to the star shape!

I really love your lamp! That's awesome!

Have a great weekend, Donna! (I haven't forgotten about your email...I'm getting ready for Joy's party tomorrow).


country gal said...


Those stars are very pretty and country! It's funny....I kind of am seeing stars.....=D

Love, Joy =D

Kath said...

WOW-you do have quite a collection of stars! I love stars too, I have them everywhere, ya don't really notice just how many ya have until ya start looking around--I love that big one ya have over the have some neat ones [pop corn popper and the star shaped baskets are neat]!!

Enjoy your weekend

Janene said...

What is it about starts that attract us!
Because of your post I looked around and noticed that I too have many stars!
I loved looking at all of your stars...thank you for sharing with us!

Katy said...

oh, I love all your stars! They look great! :)

country gal said...


Come to my have an award!

Love, Joy =D

P.S. My mom didn't make the letters. She bought them from a lady on E-bay.

Linda said...

I did a post by this exact name awhile ago! You have some great stars! And I love all your signs as well!

Here is my post about stars....